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Aug 15, 2007 11:41 AM

Need Some Lunch Ideas - Cruise

My wife and I will be honeymooning in early October. Because of her tight work schedule, we can only squeeze a 10-day Mediterranean cruise where we will hit the following ports (realistically about 8 hours in each city):

Villefranche-sur-Mer, France (can go either to Nice or Monaco)
Livorno (1-1.5 hr train ride to either Florence, Pisa, or Cinque Terre)
Civitavecchia (1 hr train ride to Rome)

So what we need are some lunch ideas for these places. We can do street food. We can do fancy here and there. We're going to be walking and hopping on trains to get to most of these cities from the ports.

Fortunately, we'll have 3 days in Barcelona before and after the cruise so I'm sure we will get a nice dinner somewhere in there!

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  1. I highly recommend Sant'Andrea in Palermo, to get there from where the boat will stop I imagine you will have to walk through at least some of Palermo's food market which is pretty special in itself. It is on the fancier scale - but wasn't hideously expensive, the food was just really really good. I wish I'd found it on day 1.

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    1. From Naples, I would splurge & get a car & driver to drive you up the Amalfi Coast to Ravello & Positano. As great as Naples is for pizza, it isn't nearly as romantic as doing this. You can search for restaurant suggestions for these two towns. When we did it, we visited Ravello frist, then stopped for lunch in Praiano at Armandino's on the quayside - it was great, then continued on to Positano.

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      1. Hi, in Naples you can eating your lunch or dinner to restauranr Marechiaro is the best, have fresh fish and meat.....the best position in Naples to Posillipo marechiaro.

        Have fun ciao

        1. My guess is that you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise. If so, they offer bus transportation to Rome and Florence from the docking points (for a fee, of course). But whether you are doing that cruise line or another, why not use the very brief time you will have in these cities to see the major sites of interest: St. Peter's Basilica, Coliseum, Roman Forum in Rome; Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio in Florence; Isle of Capri near Naples, rather than trying to rush around finding restaurants? If your cruise ship is any good, you'll be able to eat well enough there, but if all you do in these beautiful cities is search for and eat in a restaurant, you will miss more than you will know.

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            Well, that's why I'm trying to get opinions here before I go, so I wouldn't have to hunt for restaurants. :-)

            I feel that when visiting a foreign country, experiencing food is just as important as sightseeing. Food is, after all, one of the main gateways into the soul of a people. I mean - that's why people like us are on this website, right?