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Aug 15, 2007 11:28 AM

Best dumplings in Chinatown? Both $1 & higher

Hi. Where are the best dumplings in Chinatown? As of right now, I think the $1 at Sun Dou Dumpling are the best for that price, but would be interested in finding other $1 ones as well as higher priced ones.


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  1. The dollar for 5 shop on mosco street. They are inconsistent though as sometimes they come out dry, but I find them to be tastier than the one at sun dou.

    For more money I'd sit in some japanese place (ramen joints yakitori joints etc... ) and order gyozas. They seem to make them with more care.

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    1. re: randumbposter

      Are you talking about Fried Dumpling? I was just there last week. I don't know if it's the best, but it was good and the price was right.

      1. re: Lucia

        I'm not such a fan of the Fried Dumpling on Mosco. I much prefer Tasty Dumpling right around the corner on Mulberry.

        1. re: a_and_w

          I think Dumpling House on Eldridge (5 for $1) is the best of the bunch as I find it far fresher tasting than the others. They also have great beef sesame pancakes.

          1. re: jdf

            Prosperity Dumpling House (just south of the seemingly more-prosperous Dumpling House on Eldridge) rocks my world. Their 5-for-$1 dumplings were substantially larger than the competition when last I checked. 8 of their dumplings with green vegetables in soup for $2 is the cheapest full meal I've been able to locate in any borough.

            I'm not quite as impressed with the places South of Canal, but if someone can tell me what sets them apart, I'm always happy to give 'em another go-round.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                prosperty truly is the best dumpling I find; very generous filling, thin skin, perfectly cooked and seasoned. the mosco street one is too inconsistent for me, with its flabby skin, and dumpling house (a block or two north of prospetity on eldrdidge) is also pretty good, but definitely prosperity dumpling is tops on my list.

          2. re: a_and_w

            Second Tasty Dumpling. Especially if the pan fried ones are fried to order. If they're pre-done and sitting there, it's average. Fresh of the griddle...amazing.

        2. re: randumbposter

          The other Fried Dumpling on Allen St. is way better, they hold much less grease.

          1. re: addictedtolunch

            i totally agree. some of the other places, after i eat their dumplings i feel like a paper napkin that's been dredged across a slice of pizza in the village: saturated with grease.

            also, some folks have mentioned the dumplings at dim sum go go. the place next door to it, goodies, has pretty decent little xiao long tang bao. the dumpling skins are delicate and the dumplings aren't artificially filled with soup like at joe's.

        3. My favorite ones are the steamed shrimp and chive ones from Dim Sum Go Go. They are so delicate. And go well with the strands of complimentary jerky they put out on all the tables. When I have dim sum there, I just order three servings of those and try to hoard them all.

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          1. re: traceybell

            Can you just go from place to place and try the dumplings? Or is it a full sit-down service that you could only do one, say for lunch, in a day?

            1. re: Jel212

              Dim Sum Go Go is a sit-down restaurant, but not very busy at all during weekday afternoons. They would not mind if you sat down and ordered something very minimal. Most of the dumplings come three to an order, and you order a la carte. They are on the more expensive side of dim sum prices, like $3 to an order. The others are counter service places you can float in and out of...although I think Sun Dou has table service too?

          2. From the sound of things, I really must try Prosperity and perhaps Fried Dumpling on Mosco. I've had countless dumplings at both Sun Dou and Eldridge St. Dumpling House. I think Eldridge St. is spectacular. Sun Dou is best when they are fresh out of the pan, and they're def passable in a pinch. Eldridge makes them a touch too doughy for me, but just a touch. They are made perfectly and delicious, either fried or boiled.

            1. Just this afternoon I had an order of fried dumplings from Fried Dumplings on Mosco St. followed by one from the place on Mulberry. I'd give the edge to Mosco Street (better flavor, not as greasy, although still greasy).

              1. Two weeks back I had some awesome dumplings, right out of the pan, 5 for $1 (best deal in town I think). I can't remember what street they were on, but I think it was Eldridge, and it was called "Number One Dumpling House". It wasn't a restaurant, but more of a take-out counter only. They were great!!!