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Burgers in the Valley?

I have a picky aunt and uncle coming in town for dinner tonight. I know of a ton of great burgers from Hollywood to the Westside, but do they exist in the Valley? I can't recall ever having a good one out this way.

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  1. Sorry, but the only good Valley burger that I've had lately is the LUNCH ONLY Wimpy Burger at Gorrikee's.

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    1. Try Billy's Grill on Van Nuys and magnolia.

      It's not a post place..just a hole in the wall counter..but FABULOUS burgers!

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        Couldn't agree more. Be sure to try the buffalo burger. I did since I no longer eat beef, and found it to be very similar in taste but you could tell the buffalo was leaner. Very, very tasty burger.

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          Billy's could work, although I was hoping for something a bit nicer. Mo's is decent but would prefer something a bit closer. Also thought of the Stand, although that's not really a sit down kinda place. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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            You say "something a bit closer" without ever saying where it is you want the recommendations closer to.

            I'll state the obvious ones:

            Hamburger Hamlet on Van Nuys Blvd. between the 101 Fwy and Ventura Blvd.

            Islands on Ventura Blvd. in Encino.

            15927 Ventura Blvd
            Encino, CA 91436
            Phone: (818) 385-1200

            Hamburger Hamlet
            4419 Van Nuys Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91403

      2. Max makes a nice burger, but it may be lunch only.

        1. La Frite! 15013 Ventura!

          Trust me, the auntie and uncle will love the burger & fries!

          1. We really like the burgers at The Habit, there is one in Encino and one in Sherman Oaks.


            1. If you want sit down and a full bar with lots of funky atmosphere try the Kona Burger at Pineapple Hill Saloon with french fries. Darn good value for the money. On Moorpark at Van Nuys in a strip mall on the north side of Moorpark. If you are looking for lunch and don't mind sitting out in this summer blaze try Jack's Classic Burgers on Riverside and Camarillo in NoHo. Great chiliburger but what I really like is the grilled pastrami on a french roll with pickles and mustard. Really a bargain place.

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                Hugh has the right idea. Pineapple Hill has some of the best burgers that few on this board have ever tasted, yet they beat most every place mentioned on this post.
                As to the burger at Max, it died when Max closed for lunch over 2 years ago, but it was good, and can still be found at Andre's other restaurant, the Oinkster, in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd. about 2 blks east of Eagle Rock Blvd.

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                  Yeah, I went to Jack's last night. It was my birthday & I wanted a GOOD burger. I was very impressed. It was DELICIOUS!! I finally found someplace out of the "same old" mainstream burgers! DEFINITELY worth a try!! (I got a double bacon cheeseburger)....YUM!! :)

                2. Boneyard Bistro on Ventura has great burgers