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Aug 15, 2007 10:59 AM

My B-Day, Big Group, Looking for fun... (Riverside/ West Covina)

Ok, first off I'm sure this is probably a weird request. Born and Raised in East LA/San Gabriel Valley, just recently moved to Beaumont and I have a BDAY coming up :) A huge group, consisting of friends and family (probably 20+) are looking for a new place with a fun and exciting atmosphere. I'm eating with probably THE biggest group of picky eaters... Not too adventurous... 1/4 of the group likes suhsi, 1/4 likes italian (i know what you're thinking sushi and italian under one roof!) , 1/4 likes mexican, 1/4 likes EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

Anyway, we have friends coming from the Palm Springs area and frineds form West Covina... I guess i'm looking for a place closer to West Covina but somewhere in between West Covina and Riverside would be fine...

I'm looking for an american/italian type place that is EXTREMELY FUN... I recently went to a place in Studio City (forgot name) that served Sushi and LOVED the atmosphere... Sake bombs, staff super fun and friendly, nice little performance by the staff... I'm looking for something like that... any suggestions :)

FWIW: we'll be going on Aug 24th, (Friday) so if we need reservations, i'd like to call now...

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  1. Wabi Sabi in Chino Hills or Ontario might be a good fit - teppan tables, noodle dishes, sushi, and you get a show by the chefs...or Sevilla in Riverside for Tapas - gypsy guitar music, lots of sangria, little tastes of many types of food - really fun on a Fri or Sat night.

    1. Great ! thanks for the two suggestions... deffinitely have to look'em up ! :)

      1. The original comment has been removed