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Cucumber Cocktails?

Please share any cucumber cocktails you have (other than a Pimm's Cup). I've decided to have something cucumber-y for my taco party...

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  1. How about Hendrick's gin and tonic with sliced cukes instead of lime. This might not go perfectly with tacos, but It is a tasty summer favorite of mine:


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      That is exactly what I was going to suggest. On the stronger side you could also do a hendrick's gin martini with cuke garnish.

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        This is my new favorite summer drink. A dry Hendricks martini with a slice of cucumber, and sometimes I add a twist of lemon. Very refreshing.

    2. Screaming Viking. Cucumber bruised or not.

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        That last one sounds great, actually, but I'm looking for something a little more along the lines of a cucumber margarita or something more soda-based (or maybe just, um, a little less strong).
        Any other ideas?

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          I'll take it *slightly* bruised

        2. Cucumber gimlets...I worked a party that created these...

          They soaked julienned cucumbers in gin (you can use vodka if prefferred) then mixed it with fresh lime juice and cucumber simple syrup (cucumber soaked syrup, equal parts hot water and sugar). You can also mix other simple syrups in this drink, like basil or lavender. Gives it an extra dimension to the drink!!

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            I make cucumber gimlets and really love them. My method is somewhat different though. I peel and deseed the cucumbers, then run them through the blender. Mix this and a bit of sugar and lime juice with the gin. Heavenly, and really thirst quenching on a hot day.

          2. Take thinly sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced orange, lemon, and lime wheels, and infuse alcoholof choice, (gin, vodka, silver tequila best) serve on rocks, with tonic, or 7 or mix with common mixers for margherita, also good as cosmo.

            1. lemon juice, sugar to taste, vodka, club soda, plenty of sliced lemons and cucumbers. My friends and I call it "spa water", because it's reminiscent of the water that's often served at spas, albeit without vodka. If you use a lemon-flavored vodka, you don't need any lemon juice.

              1. One I love is called a Spa Tini at a local bar.
                1.5 oz. Bombay
                3/4 oz. Hypnotic
                splash limeaide (I just get frozen and use a couple spoonfuls)
                4 mint leaves
                3-4 cucumber rounds
                Shake it all and strain into a martini glass!
                Top it with a splash of soda water

                1. Cucumber watermelon margaritas. I steep thinly sliced, peeled English hothouse cucumbers with a handful of mint with watermelons overnight. I mash the mixture, strain and use it as the base for fantastic margaritas with a white tequila. They're equally fantastic with a dash of chile.

                  1. I had the idea to try making cucumber mojitos, but never did. Has anyone tried it? Does it sound like a good idea?

                    I love watermelon margaritas, I'll have to taste them with cucumber next time.

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                      It's a great idea. Rhumba in Boulder, CO makes a virgin mojito with cucumber which is very tasty. It was my wifes cocktail of choice while pregnant. I don't know why they couldn't be served with rum too.

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                        one thing; on any of these that use cukes in the drink, it's a good idea to halve the cuke and seed it before going further. the seeds add some bitterness that can be easily avoided. david Rosengarten has a recipe for cucumber gimlets in his newsletter. i think it was last june or july. When I made them, I alrtered a little, adding a little more fresh lime juice and also a dash of cayenne pepper.