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Aug 15, 2007 10:48 AM

Best Thai Restaurants on the Westside ???

(SM, Venice, Culver City, Century City, Westwood, etc are all fine as well...just don't want to travel too far)...Thanks!!

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  1. Though I haven't been in a while, my rec is Thai Boom.

    Thai Boom
    10863 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      due to ch's raves on Thai Boom, I tried it 8 times too many and still can't understand the raves... they're decent to be sure, but not the best by far. i understand there has been changes in the ownership or chef (something like that)

      1. re: Beignets

        I just find it to be the best option on that side of the city. It's a dropoff, certainly, from North Hollywood or Thai Town, but sometimes you just don't want to travel too far like the OP.

        1. re: Beignets

          I ordered delivery from Thai Boom last night and we did have a new delivery guy, so maybe there are some changes??? Also, instead of some pre-packaged fried tofu, they appeared to have fried their own tofu - delicious, actually.

          Also, while I understand there are many detractors here, Thai Boom does some Thai comfort dishes that are not that easy to find - the fish rice soup (jok), for example. It is not an elaborate dish - it is just comfort food, the sort of stuff I miss from my days living in BKK.

          And as SauceSupreme says, sometimes you just don't want to travel to Sri Siam/Krua Thai/Sapp/Ruen Pair, etc.

      2. I've really enjoyed Bangkok West. Americanized but tasty...

        1. Tuk Tuk on Pico just west of Robertson. It's fresh and clean and delicious. They tend to dumb down the spice, so ask for extra spicy.

          1. I love Orchid but it never seems open when I go. Is it still open, anyone?

            1. a small thai restaurant on santa monica blvd and colby -- siam chan. everything is decent to great except for their noodles (all) and thai iced tea.

              tuk tuk is pretty good, i agree.

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              1. re: Beignets

                agreed. i tried the pad thai and it was god awful....mushy, lacking flavor and greasy.

                however, the curries and bbq items are all good.....for the westside. =)

                1. re: Beignets

                  Yeah, tuk tuk is reasonable if you can't make it to Hollywood or North Hollywood. There's a thai restaurant in the LAX area on Manchester (West of Lincoln) called SIAM. It used to be pretty good but I haven't been there in a long time.