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Aug 15, 2007 10:43 AM

Best Chicago-style pizza within walking distance of Wrigley? And best in general?

Coming into town from NYC, will be seeing the Cubbies on Sunday- what's the best option for Chicago style pizza near Wrigley? I went to school in Chicago, so I am certainly familiar with Giordano's, etc. But I'll be with two buddies who've never been. So, where to go?
Also, for a different excursion- best pizza in Chicagoland?

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  1. There are lots of opinions about best Chicago-style pizza. Here are two discussions with plenty of those opinions:

    There have also been lots of topics written about the best pizza near Wrigley Field. Check these out:

    Giordano's double-crust "stuffed" pizza is still the best deep-dish pizza in Chicagoland. They have a location very close to Wrigley:

    1040 W. Belmont Ave.
    (773) 327-1200

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      I just need a quick recommendation, don't want to sift through years worth of posts on older threads. Just a name and address.

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        Wow. Having a bad day?

        They are not "years worth of posts". They are all recent topics. Surely it's not that much work for you to click a link?

        Here's the name and address for you:

        1040 W. Belmont Ave.
        (773) 327-1200

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          Sorry, wasn't trying to be a jerk. I was just trying to avoid spending hours on this board, which is what I usually find myself doing. I certainly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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            Don't forget that you can phone your order ahead, if you want to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes for your pizza to bake. Walking time from Wrigley to Giordano's on Belmont is about 10 minutes (a half mile south on Sheffield from the right field corner or the bleachers, or you can walk Clark to Sheffield if you're leaving the stadium on the left field side or behind home plate, then turn right at Belmont).

    2. Lou Malnati's for Chicago's Best Deep dish.
      From Addison Ave walk south on Sheffield to Wrightwood & Lincoln. A bit of a walk but at least it's scenic and well worth it. Here's the link/map, etc.

      It's been years since my last slice of Pat's Pizza. I hear its great.
      Pat's Pizza - www.patspizza.info
      2679 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago - (773) 248-0168

      Red Ivy
      3525 N Clark St
      Chicago, IL 60657
      Great medium thin pizza. Not sure how it holds up to the original in Oak Lawn. Haven't tried the deep dish here.

      Also check out The Raw Bar on Clark street just north of Waveland. Great Egyptian & Persian spiced surf and turf and great apps, drinks, and cool atmosphere.

      1. For stuffed pizza near Wrigley I suggest Pizza Capri. It's at the corner of Belmont & Sheffield (about 4 blocks south of Wrigley). They have a great, buttery crust and a tangy sauce. Actually everything we've tried off their menu is pretty good. www.pizzacapri.com

        We used to live a few blocks away and would order it at least once a week. We moved out to the 'burbs and Pizza Capri is probably the thing I miss most about that neighborhood.