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Aug 15, 2007 10:42 AM

Mexican Food Gems Open in the Evening?

I love reading about the chowing adventures of some of the regulars on this site-especially the posts concerning Mexican and Central American food. Thank you to those who take the time to post. The only problem is that many of the taco trailers and other jewels mentioned are only open during lunch. I am looking for a new hole-in-the-wall type place where I can grab a weeknight dinner.

I live in Southwest Austin so anything in Central Austin or further south is best. I am particularly interested in good fajitas, carnitas, mole, puerco al pastor, barbacoa, and machecado. Excellent tortillas are a must.

Ideas? Intersections are appreciated.
Honey Bee

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  1. The information you seek is already just a few clicks away. Use the new "search this board" feature at the top of the page to find places that serve the specific dishes you mention above; then, just Google the restaurants' names to find out their hours. You can find driving directions this way, too.

    Just off the top of my head, I'll throw out Janitzio, Los Comales, Al Pastor (both restaurant and taco stand), La Hacienda Meat Market, Pollo Regio, La Regiomontana, and El Taquito.

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      Thanks MPH. Even though I can read about places on the boards, I have not had success finding opertating hours using Google searches. That has been where I get stuck. Please keep the dinner suggestions coming!

      1. re: Honey Bee

        Honey Bee, I hear what you're saying. However, if you Google the phone numbers of places mentioned on this board, you’ll be able to call to find out their hours of operation. Maybe you could even post the additional info on the relevant threads.

        You may get suggestions from 'hounds who live where you do, are looking for the exact same thing, and thus have already done the legwork. If not, then perhaps you could give my suggestion a try. To quote an eloquent chowhound from the Boston board: "We have a treasure trove, but folks should be willing/eager to dig because we all want different kinds of gems, and the only way to tailor recommendations for oneself is to do the homework."


        1. re: MPH

          Garibaldi's (Congress just south of Ben White)- has excellent fajitas, though I can not comment on their other dishes.

          Borrego de Oro (Just north of Ben White)- My lineup here includes birria, fajitas, and the puerco en chile verde (when it is cold). Substitute frijoles a la charra for refrieds, because the a la charra is an outstanding mix of black pepper and bacony goodness while the refrieds are fairly bland.

    2. Try El Chilito on Manor. It's a walk up, eat on the patio or take it to go place. Great puffy tacos and such. Cheap, cheap and filling.

      My boyfriend is a Machecado fiend. His favorites are Mi Madre's on Manor and Maria's Taco Xpress.