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Aug 15, 2007 10:36 AM

Astoria - outdoors dining

I only know of the beer garden.

Is there anyplace that serves greek food outdoors?

I'm going tonight.


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  1. Cavo on 31st ave and 41st street.

    Taverna Kyklones (?sp) on Ditmars is great.

      1. Across from the beer garden is Elias Corner for Fish, which has a big wooden deck and picnic tables, and down by the park on Ditmars and the corner is Agnanti- one of my favorite places in Astoria with a small sidewalk eating area.

        1. I'd give a vote for Mezzo-Mezzo - on 33rd and Ditmars. Sidewalk seating off of the avenue - nice and spacious, totally not rushed, good food too.