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Aug 15, 2007 10:36 AM

Astoria - outdoors dining

I only know of the beer garden.

Is there anyplace that serves greek food outdoors?

I'm going tonight.


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  1. Used to be good, not sure's on Astoria Park, maybe 19th street??

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    1. re: GCGuy

      you're thinking of Agnanti, on the corner of Ditmars and Astoria Park. They have some outdoor seating though it's underneath an awning. Be forewarned, it's a hike from the train. Quality of food is good, probably one of the best in Astoria. You can also make reservation, which is an incredible asset.

      Taverna Kyclades, also on Ditmars but close to the train, has outdoor seating and is really good but perpetually packed.

    2. Telly's Taverna has an outdoor garden

      1. Ovelia's got sidewalk tables -- 30th Ave. in the 30s. I think S'Agapo down on 35th Ave. does, too. Oh, and so does Aliada, on Broadway around 28th.