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Aug 15, 2007 10:26 AM

Mexican wine in l.a.

dear gang:

rather than call or drive around, i thought i'd ask if anyone had seen any for sale in the wine stores, and who, if anyone, has the best selection.

el linus

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  1. Do you have any names? Since you don't, here's what I'd do: Go to Google and type in mexican wine. Then click on the first link -- you'll see why.

    Then, go to and type those names into the search field. Yes, I found a couple of vintages in the L.A. area...

    1. Mexican Wineries still play it close to the vest and tend to focus on Mexico, mainly supplying resorts and fine restaurants there... The only distributor that I know of here is San Antonio Winery, HOWEVER, right now, they sell it strictly to restaurants and perfer to sell it by the case... Call the wine shop and ask for the number of their whole sale guy. If you sweet talk him, he will quote you a price and then have it for you at the pick up dock. That is how we got our L.A. Cetto...

      And of course, you could also make a trip down to Baja as well! :D


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      1. re: Dommy

        And the LA Cetto is quite good, as I have tasted several varietals as sold at Senor Fred in Sherman Oaks back in its infancy.
        Now, I think they have reduced the number of varieties, as the place sells mostly beer and mixed drinks, rather than wine.

        1. re: Dommy

          Have you had the L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo? I'm going to be nice here, tasted not so fun.

          Like burnt prunes scraped against a butt filter...sorry.

          What do they produce that's pleasant?

        2. Some of the Latino oriented chain grocerys carry them. Sorry, my memory about which labels isn't razor sharp. I've found at least one Baja label at Northgate, none at Big Saver. You might check Gigante or Vallarta as well.

          1. There is a good site on Mexican (baja california) wines at
            They don't offer wines for sale but the site has good info and pictures on baja wineries.

            1. Babita's, a restaurant in San Gabriel, has a pretty nice Mexican wine list. You could try calling them to see where you could find them in stores.

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              1. re: L.A.Hound

                I was just at Babita's last night (was delicious), and had ordered a bottle of L.A. Cetto that we very much enjoyed. Anyway, Berrelleza was out talking up the patrons, and I asked him where he got the wine and whether there was anywhere in L.A. we could pick up some on our own--he insisted that he knew of no where but inside Mexico. Don't know about the other Mexican wines he stocks though, only asked about Cetto.