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Aug 15, 2007 10:14 AM

JK's Wine Bar: Vegan Review

On Sunday Aug. 5th, I took my father downtown (we are coming from Brampton,) for a late fathers day brunch at Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar. It was the first time either of us had ever been to one of JK’s restaurants and we were not quite sure what to expect.

I first got in contact with someone from the restaurant a month in advance through e-mail asking if they are able to accommodate a vegan option for their brunch menu. I wasn’t very surprised when they said they would be able to, since I gave them a months notice of our reservations and my personal request, but it was nice to hear that they would do it no problem since I wanted to go there for my dad since he loves good food and good wine.

We arrived about ten minutes early, and were seated immediately. As we went into the restaurant we first noticed the size of the place, and the beautiful colors from the wall of jars.

As we sat down, I asked about the vegan request I had made. Our waitress went to the kitchen and came back with three options for me, one more then I expected. I was read the options and went with beet “ravioli” with fennel shell and potatoes with some sort of dressing. My father went with the duck confi and a salad of sort with a fried/poached egg on top. We then decided on the Italian red from the wine list.

Now, what I really liked was when the waitress was telling me of my options, she asked if I had a problem with honey. Personally, I eat some honey, but I thought it was excellent that they asked me if it would be a problem for me, making sure my meal would be alright for me.

When our fist plates arrived, I got my three “ravioli” with walnuts sprinkled around the plate and some walnuts mixed with the beets. It was marvelous, and the way that the fennel went with the beets and walnuts was amazing. My father’s duck he said, was really good and perfect. Second came out his salad, and my potatoes. The potatoes for me, were really good, especially with the sauce/dip that came with it.

Dessert came next. I was not sure if any of it was vegan, so I just asked if it was possible to have all the fruit that came with all the other desserts separately on a plate. Our waitress went to the kitchen and returned telling me that the sorbets were vegan, perfect. I ordered the sorbets in proseco and my dad the cheese cake. These again, like the meal was amazing. I had never had sorbet in proseco before, but it is definitely something I will try at home one day. My dads cheese cake he said was delicious and again a perfect portion size for a brunch meal.

Overall, we had an excellent brunch, and the service was great as well. We will definitely return here in the future for more. I also sent an e-mail to the restaurant thanking them for their service and


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  1. Nice review, thanks! Glad to hear they were so accommodating. I know it can often be tough to eat vegan at a "regular" restaurant. I imagine you end up with a lot of really uninteresting options most of the time (side of vegetables, any one?)

    1. Thanks for the detailed review, and kudos to JK Wine Bar. So often vegetarian/vegan options amount to salad & vegetables (okay so far), but completely disregard the idea of a balanced meal. What is so difficult about assembling some vegan protein, carbs and fat? I imagine the profit margin is better on a vegetarian meal and besides, the vegetarian is probably out with a meat eater and spending money on alcohol.

      Of course, it's a different story when the kitchen 'cooks' prepared meals from a never changing menu...

      1. it's great to know that they were so accommodating. a friend of mine takes his mother there semi frequently because she's vegetarian and they have a fair number of dishes she can eat. sounds like i should coax them towards brunch as well.

        1. Very cool, props to JK.

          FYI, I've heard that Susur is also very accomodating to vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians.

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          1. re: Olivia

            Thanks, I will have to check out Susur as well then.

            1. re: rindinella_k

              susur is certainly not in the same price range. his website actually does mention specifically that he does do vegan and vegetarian tasting menus.

              if you'd like something a little more toned down in cost, you may want to give lee a call and see if they're as accommodating as his bigger name restaurant.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                What are the prices like at Susur? I know they would defiantly be more expensive, but how much would we be talking for a meal for two with a bottle of decent wine.

                1. re: rindinella_k

                  About $500 (incl tax and tip)...assuming $120/person for 7 courses, but it depends on how many courses you have (typically 5 to 9, at maybe $80-150, cheaper if you are vegetarian).

                  1. re: jinxed

                    Jinxed is right about the courses, and then they also have a wine tasting menu to go along which if I remember correctly was 75$ or maybe 90$?