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Ford's Filling Station tonight: what to order?

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Has anyone been to Ford's recently? I heard a lot of mixed reviews when it first opened last year, but I'm going tonight and wanted to hear people's recommendations based on recent visits. I don't eat any kind of fish or seafood, but open to anything else. What should I order and what should I avoid? Also, the boards have been very mixed on the burger....has anyone ordered it more than once and consistenly had a good burger each time or does it just depend on the night?

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  1. Polenta! Do not pass go, do not collect $200. It was amazing the first time I went there and it's only gotten better since.

    The flatbreads are good too. But the polenta is the worth-the-trip dish.

    1. The burger is only okay. I love the kobe cheeks and the charcuterie/cheese selections. The polenta cake mentioned above is divine.

      1. Their desserts have been consistently good.
        Their cured meats plate is also very good, since they don't have to make it, just slice it. I've tried the shrimp and one other flatbread, those were good. Most of the other items I've tried mostly had seafood in them.
        Cross your fingers that you don't get served cappucino in a water glass.

        1. My favorite dish there is the curried lentils.

          1. Has anyone tried the suckling pig or braised rabbit? They both caught my eye.

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              The braised rabbit was okay, but not exactly falling off the bone tender as any braised dish should. Perhaps it was just an off night when I ordered it (about a month ago).

            2. Order any of the charcuterie ("Cured Meats") . . . much of it is from Salumi, Batali's father's place in Seattle and it rocks. Especially the finocchiona (fennel) salami. Yum. The Four Cheese flat-bread is simple but tasty as well much like the Oven Roasted Mussels, a personal fav. Unless they've changed out the kitchen staff since last we were there, the rest of the stuff is hit or miss, depending on the night. http://www.fordsfillingstation.net/ne...

              1. Thanks for all the recommendations. I was in the mood for red meat, so no polenta on this trip. Instead my friend and I ordered the steak tartar, kobe beef cheeks and a lamb dish (not on the online menu). The beef cheeks were indeed delicious. Very buttery and rich, like braised short ribs taken to the next level. I'm glad I split it because it would have been too rich as an entire entree. The lamb dish was even better, served with asparagus and a citrus bulgur and rapini salad. It sounded like an unusual combo, but the salad did an excellent job of balancing out the hearty, charred lamb.

                While the entrees were excellent, the steak tartar was inedible. It had this pervasive acidic flavor to it that overwhelmed the dish. Maybe it was the pickled fennel that was mentioned on the menu? But now that I'm thinking about it, no, there wasn't any fennel to be seen. Forced myself to have a few bites hoping it would grow on me, but it just grossed me out.

                All in all, a good meal. The food was interesting and well executed (mostly), the service friendly though slow and the atmosphere was lively, so I would definitely go back.

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                  Fraiche, down the street, has a wonderful steak tartare with a bacon sabayon.