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Aug 15, 2007 09:33 AM

ABQ - 1 night only - please help

I will be staying at the Hyatt Tamaya tomorrow, 1 night only, and plan to have dinner in Albuquerque (this is by choice, I have a car and no commitments so I can can go anywhere in the area). I am en route to Santa Fe/Taos where I will have plenty of Mexican/New Mexican so this is not a requirement. I had thought of going to the Standard Diner (the website reminded me of the Fog City Diner) or Mesquite but am not 100% convinced.

Any ideas? I am open to a full range of price and food. (I would like to at least drive by Frontier but perhaps not have dinner there.)

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  1. Try Zea on Montgomery Blvd. 4800 Montgomery Blvd NE. Or Pars on 25 way.

    1. Probably too late, but Range Cafe right near hotel in Bernalillo is really good. Debi

      1. Skip Zea it's a chain, and, IMO not very good. I would try Slate Street Cafe for dinner. It's downtown off Lomas.

        You could drive by the Frontier and get a pint of Carne Adovada, and Green Chile Stew and some house made tortillastortillas and bring them back to the room at the resort for breakfast *when we were there in June our room had a fridge).

        If you have time during the day tomorrow, you might want to drive out to Jemez Springs about 35 minutes from Bernalillo. You'd be going, mostly for the gorgeous scenery and natural hot springs which you'll find in the woods, at the Bodhi Zen Center or Giggling Star across from the Lizzard. I don't like the Bath House. (Sitting in a bathtub is not my style, especially with such gorgeous natural beauty available).
        There are two fun chow options in this tiny village: Consettas, a small homey Italian place and the Laughing Lizzard (which has a website) for more eclectic cafe fare and home baked goodiies.

        The Tamaya Resort is very nice, and the Corn Maiden there is quite good as well.