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Aug 15, 2007 08:50 AM

Hartford: West Wings on Prospect?

Has anybody tried West Wings, the new bar/grill on Prospect just south of Park in Hartford? It is owned by the Elbow Room people. I'm curious to hear whether the menu includes non-wing items, particularly vegetarian or seafood options.

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  1. There is a review in today's Hartford Courant. Many, Many types of wings and lots of burgers seem to be the focus.

    1. Mr. cthoops and I just got back from there a few hours ago. Not good. His beer was warm, the neck on my bottled drink tasted like it had been opened bare handed by someone handling change (I ended up pouring it in a glass.) The wings were just o.k., but we are wings aficionados so we weren't surprised. My fried clams were extremely overcooked, and the french fries weren't good. For the first time ever we decided to just pay our bill and go someplace else. A waste of food perhaps, but we figured we're adults so we don't have to eat bad food if we don't want to. It just wasn't worth the calories.

      Bottom line, we won't be returning unless they REALLY turn it around.

      1. I was there last night. We had beer and wings. I thought the wings were good, but I am no afficianado. Lots of beers on tap and lots of wing flavors. The menu looked like college bar food, lots of fried stuff, burgers, "mini corn dogs" lol. I think it works as a beer and wings place, some place to watch a ball game or have beers with friends. I don't think it will survive though. Places like WoodnTap, Half Door or Plan B have better menus and good varieties of beers. They need something interseting on the menu.

        Oh yeah, the service was horribly slow but I chalk that up to being newly opened.

        1. Don't go on a hot day. No AC in front of restaurant, where you want to sit. Food (so far) is average. Better wings down the street at Plan B.

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            Huge dissapointment...the wings were awful. Looks like a we have another low end Marty McGillicuddy watering hole. The beers are OK, but the wings were truly a disaster. For 9.95 a dozen???? I ordered buffalo (hot), and got rubbery wings (two were red at the bone) with a slight coating of sauce that was cleary more butter than hot stuff (wasnt Franks either). Rest of the menu is the same mediocre slop you'll find at any TGI McFunsters..

            Wings in Hartford (I mean real Duffs and Anchor Bar quality...) are a hard find. I usually make them myself or make a run to Sliders. This place wont last long at those prices. Since when were wings pricey food items?

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              Where is Sliders? Mr. cthoops is from Rochester, and I spent 5 years up there living with him, so we definitely miss good wings! We also generally just make them ourselves. I loved Duffs, and Country Sweet (although a completely different type of wing) ran a close second.

              1. re: cthoops

                Cuople opf things about wing and why they go up and down...

                Chicken proices have gone way up...corn is being used to make fule and so feed is skyhigh.

                Chickens sometimesa get ged near the bone depending on the tyope of feed they are given...if it looks hot and cooked they are ok...but can be dece[tive

                people donl;t realize the cost of wings...they are not cheap bar food anymore...the demand is huge...all the big chains buy up the market and a large amounbt go overseas.

                Try Mulberry St in Manchester for I have had and they make all their own sauces..take out only

                1. re: cthoops

                  Sliders is on route 372 in Plainville. They also have one Berlin. Country Sweet is a whole other wing...different flavor. They are good...but they arent Buffalo wings in the traditional sense. Sliders is about the closest thing to the real thing around here along with Rookies in Cromwell. Having said that...I still make my own 95% of the time.

                  West Wings should be ashamed getting away with 9.95 a has gone up recently, but wings havent escalated ANYWHERE in the Hartford area at that price.

            2. Veronaraven-
              2 great places for wings in this area: Plan B-specialty is burgers, but I always get wings. Tell 'em extra crispy-they will make you happy. Also, in Cromwell, Sliders is awesome.