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Aug 15, 2007 08:36 AM

LaTerza better than O'Mozza

I know what your probably thinking? No Way! Yeah Way.

We went to O' Mozza two weeks ago and ordered 19 dishes and shared them among six of us. Some were fantastic like the Octopus , Egg Raviolo & Quail and some were not good like the Scamorza & Linguini's (way too spicy, and we all eat Mexican food regularly). Most of the other dishes were just Average.

LaTerza last night was the best experience in years. Some big changes have occurred in the last month. The new Chef (Lucca) is from Il Fornaio and absolutely amazing. Gino was cooking also.
Amuse Busche
Marinated Artichoke (always great)
Antipasta assortment (solid)
Burrata w/fresh tomatoes
Steak Tartar (best we've had in LA)
Risotto w/fresh black truffle & baby scallops
Pappardelli w/mushrooms & sausage
Swordfish (crusted with Basil, Breadcrumbs & forbidden rice)
Rack of Lamb (fantastic)
Nona Cake (best we've had in LA, better than Fraiche which we really liked also).
Overall the food was very good and the consensus was that everything was great!

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    1. So the chef was able to successfully overcome his Il Fornaio experience?

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      1. re: Servorg

        I was going to say! Il Fornaio and "absolutely amazing" do not go together in my mind.

      2. Many feel that Angelini is better than La Terza. Doesn't that imply that Osteria Angelini >>> Osteria Mozza?

        I'm wondering if the presence of the Mozza's in that neighborhood is causing an arms race in terms of restaurant quality in order to draw customers looking for high-end Italian.

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          I think that Angelini is a more reliable restaurant than Osteria Mozza. Not everything on the menu is to my taste -- Some of Angelini's dishes betray his hotel background. But his nightly specials and his pastas are practically perfect.

          I'll still happily go to O-Mozza, but I'll focus on Nancy's antipasti and selected appetizers for now.

          1. re: tritip

            Angelini and La Terza are for sure >>>than Osteria Mozza.

        2. Welcome to the club!
          Was Andrea your server? He's tops.

          1. russ,

            Have you been to All 'Angelo? How does it compare with Osteria Mozza?

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Can't really comment about a comparison, I have friends at both, sorry.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I have been to Angelini, La Terza, All Angelo and Osteria Mozza. Dozens of visits to Angelini though, and only one recent visit to La Terza. Only once to All Angelo and Osteria Mozza. My current ranking:

                1) Angelini
                2) Osteria Mozza - it may pull into first - could be soon. However, it is still working the kinks out so it can't oust my beloved Angelini yet.
                3) La Terza - great food but hate the atmosphere
                4) All Angelo - had terrible service. Octopus was amazing but other dishes, especially pastas, did not wow. A real letdown.

                Going to do full reports w/ pics on La Terza and All Angelo soon.


                1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                  Agree about the awful atmosphere at La Terza. Went a couple months ago because Gino Angelini had moved there from his first place to take over cooking but while food was good, some dishes really good, we couldn't get over the cold and sterile atmosphere of the place. Someone should hit a paint store and buy some warm-colored paint or better yet, hire a decorator to redo it entirely. However, service is quite wonderful and that's a difficult task, given some of the strange clientele (straight out of Sopranos casting) we saw in the place. Nonetheless I have high hopes for this place and look forward to returning soon.