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Wedding Cake in Marin County?

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My SO & I are having a wedding celebration in Inverness next April. My original idea was to get our wedding cake from the Freeport Bakery in Sacramento (my hometown), but they won't deliver that far away, and it seems burdensome to ask someone to bring it - so I'm looking at other options. Details about the cake: It's to serve 30 people, it must be very chocolatey for SO, and we have a design in mind that while specific is very simple. And, obviously, it must be delicious!

Has anybody had any good (or bad) experiences with Marin bakeries? One that looks promising is Victoria Pastry Co. in Greenbrae - has anybody gotten a cake from there? Or am I better off paying more (presumably) for delivery from SF, Sonoma, or Napa - and if so, which bakeries are recommended? Citizen Cake? Perfect Endings?

TIA for any and all recommendations!

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  1. You can do much better than Victoria Pastry.

    Debbie Does Desert does an absolutely outstanding job on their cakes. They have a cafe in San Anslemo you can check out:


    Emporio Rulli in Larkspur is a wonderful bakery albeit pricey and probably stylized. I would contact them as to what options they have:


    Sweet Things in Tiburon also has a good product and has a big presence in the county. I assume they do wedding cakes too but give them a try:


    There is also a great resource for wedding vendors and services at:


    I've got a great florest and a band/dj recommendation if you need it too.

    Congratulations and good luck!

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      I don't need a band or DJ, but I would love to get your florist recommendation! I don't think they'll let you post it here, so could you email me at annaeching@hotmail.com? Thank you!

    2. We had wonderful cake from Jill Branch www.branchingoutcakes.com. She is in Corte Madera

      1. Thanks for the recommendations, MSK and Giselle!

        1. Has anyone had cake from Fleur de Lisa in Santa Rosa? They seem to get a lot of press, but of course that is only about looks!

          1. Daughter's wedding cake was from Victoria, which they delivered to Nicasio. Delicious!

            1. Try Fat Angel Bakery in Fairfax. High quality pastries and custom-made wedding cakes and it's on the way to Inverness...

              1. So, I had tastings at both Fat Angel Bakery in Fairfax and Fleur de Lisa in Santa Rosa. Although there was nothing wrong with Fat Angel, it definitely didn't knock my socks off. Fleur de Lisa, on the other hand, was amazing! Lisa presented us with the most tantalizing platter of slices of cake, arranged from lightest to richest (white cake with fruit first, then lemon, then apple, the carrot, then four different kinds of chocolate), all of which were absolutely delectable. And her cake-decorating skills are really incredible - check her website if you want to see (www.fleurdelisa.com). She's really a pleasure to talk to and clearly knows exactly what she's doing. We decided to go with her on the spot!