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Aug 15, 2007 07:50 AM

Please comment on my upcoming trip PHX to Sedona to Grand Canyon to Vegas

would love some input as to whether im making some good choices food wise or not. ive never eaten at any of these places. i'll be travelling with an old buddy...we're both late 20s.

driving to sedona from phoenix, we're having dinner at rock springs cafe. do you think it'll be open for dinner at 8:30 - 9pm or is this an early closer? any good?

in sedona, we're going to red planet for the the food okay?

then probably having dinner in flagstaff...was thinking either mike and rhonda's or beaver street brewery...any recommended items?

we're spending 2 nights in grand canyon so i assume food will be crap. we're gonna eat at el tovar as i heard its tolerable. maybe drive to williams or cameron for navajo tacos. in williams, how's old smokey's and/or grand canyon coffee?

does anyone have any recommendation for something amazing to eat on the way from grand canyon to las vegas?

in vegas, we're having dinner at rosemarys. will it be comfortable for 2 guys to eat together there? how's the dress code?

also, gonna try eating at hash house a go go, bouchon, lotus of siam, and maybe peppermills. might go to n9ne for steak.

so...any comments? any additions/replacements?

thx in advance!

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  1. Red Planet's food is good, as long as you stick to the burgers and shakes.

    IIRC, there is nothing of note, food-wise, between GC and LV. Kingman is probably you're only hope, and I've never found anything good to eat there. Then again, I don't think I researched beforehand.

    1. In Sedona I'd turn to Cafe Elote for dinner. Jeff Smedsted is very talented, and you're not going to be able to get Mexican that fresh and authentic very many places.

      I really like Beaver Street, they take some care with their menu. I am addicted to both their beer cheddar fondue and their specialty burger which is nice & garlicky; they also do a great brewmaster's mixed grill of sausages.

      Rosemary's, the dress code is a little better than business casual, I'd say. I've seen people in there in shorts and also people dressed to go out. Admittedly I've only been a few times, but I've never seen anyone dragged out and beaten for eating with a same-sex partner, so I'm pretty sure you'll be okay there ;). If they have the icebox lemon pie on the dessert menu, get that, you won't be sorry.

      1. I like the Heartline Cafe in Sedona for lunch. Good selections and nice courtyard patio if the weather isn't too warm.

        I also like Beaver Street in Flagstaff. Great chili!

        1. I've never been to Rock Springs Cafe for anything other than breakfast, but there is a bar attached, so it might be open late. I'd still call and check the hours, make sure the restaurant stays open too.

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            thx for everyone's comments so far. some last minute additions...judi's for breakfast in sedona and we're going to sno cap in seligman and in and out burger for food on the way to las vegas.

          2. just got back from my trip...wanted to provide a report for those heading to similar places:

            -had lunch at red planet in sedona which was actually a total waste. the burger was dry and as good as you'd find at any diner. the shake was okay but the place was cheesy and definitely not worth visiting.

            -had dinner at beaver street brewery in flagstaff after mountain biking in sedona (awesome time). beaver street was okay. had the sausages and the ham and avocado sandwich. good tap red ale that i enjoyed but the food was merely ok. coffee at macy's was quite good.

            -next days were in the grand canyon so food was a second thought. had dinner at bright angel lodge and had some passable baby back ribs but thats about all thats worth mentioning here.

            -drove to kingman on the way to vegas and had my first in and out burger ever...double double animal style with animal fries and a chocolate shake. holy goddamn good. 2nd best meal of the trip and dirt cheap. great service too.

            -first night in vegas was at rosemarys. for $50, the 3 course prix fixe is an insanely good deal. i had the foie gras ($10 supplement i think), the veal tenderloin, and the lemon ice box for dessert. everything was spot on delicious. possibly the best foie gras second only to veritas here in nyc. the veal tenderloin was so amazingly tender. service was very friendly and a bit formal but funny coming from nyc. the room was pretty crappy but the food was a total 10. highly recommended but watch yr drink brought us to spend nearly $120 per person for the evening after tip...damn scotch.

            -peppermills for a late breakfast was excellent. great service, great space, great breakfast. nothing too complicated but very recommended.

            -has house a go go for breakfast/lunch next day was half amazing, half so over the top it was mixed. the smores latte was insane...delicious but like a meal unto itself. the corned beef hash and eggs was perfectly great...cheese, big cuts of corned beef...everything was great. the pork tenderloin was insane...massive in size and not good for lunch...or dinner...the thing was just massive. it was a good version of weiner schnitzel but id avoid that. nice service and great prices here.

            -dinner at lotus of siam. i was expecting a better meal than sriprihai here in nyc which has insanely amazing authentic thai food. lotus was good but nowhere in the same realm. we asked the waiter for the house specialities and im afraid he didnt realize we wanted the real stuff. we had an appetizer of fried shrimp which we ate including tails. it was okay but very heavy for an appetizer. we had the drunken noodles which the server seemed to add sea bass without our permission...and charged us $22 instead of $10-11..we didnt complain but it didnt sit well with us. the grilled pork was good but i could get that at any vietnamese shop. the spicy beef was okay. with dessert of sticky rice and mango, and two beers, i think we paid $92 for 2 wouldve been a lot less if we watched our bill.

            thats pretty much it. vegas ruled food wise but arizona was pretty mediocre. regardless, we had a ball. i love it out there.

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              I agree with your comments about the Red Planet. It was disappointing last time we were there, and my neighbor agrees. We enjoy the Coffee Pot for breakfast or lunch, Sedona Memories for a sandwich (uptown) - simple, but good food, and Nic's in Cottonwood for dinner. My husband and our out of town company loved the lasagne, and I like their steak. We like the Cowboy Club for dinner too.

              1. re: CactusKate

                Highly recommend Rock Springs Cafe for pie and lunch. Highly recommend Cowboy Club for great game pot pie, steaks, chicken fried chicken steak, great beer and locals who are friendly and like to chat. Recommend Piccazzo for amazing varieties of gourmet pizza and a killer chocolate chip cookie pie.
                Enchantment's restaurants are good, but not great. However, the view is awesome.