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Sausage? What is your favorite and where do you get it?

In my head I love sausage. But whenever I eat it I am underwhelmed especially supermarket sausage. I have learned my lesson and will never by fresh chorizo again. I am specifically looking for something that will go great with pastas. Orrechiete and cavatelli.

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  1. I LOVE the homemade sausage at Savoy. I also hear that the jalapeno-cheddar sausage at Hill Country is fantastic.

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      It is...and that's because it's imported from central TX from Kreuz Market.

    2. The pork store whose name eludes me at this moment on 9th and about 38th St or so (I'll remember as soon as I hit the Post My Reply button) makes good Italian sausage. I've enjoyed the sweet and hot both, and they make a good one with mozzerella and broccoli rabe. I've actually smoked that second one- it's great that way! Tastes like a ham & cheese sandwich.

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      1. I don't eat meat but my boyfriend LOVES the sausages sold at Agata & Valentina.

        1. Faicco Pork Store
          260 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014, USA - Greenwich Village
          Phone: (212) 243-1974

          Also, Ciriello's (I use the one in the CGT market; very good. Don't know where in NYC their main store is)

          If you get up to Arthur Ave in the Bronx, the Calabria Pork store is also excellent.

          At all, I generally prefer either the fennel seed, or the parsley and cheese versions.

          1. For Italian sausages, I find that the ones at the Italian market at Chelsea Market are absolutely meaty, firm and intricately spiced. Far better than the generic sausages you get everywhere else in the city.

            DespaƱa has the best chorizos and morcillas I've had. SoHo is a trek for me, but ocassionally I just have to give in for the onion morcilla.

            Myers of Keswick is the only place I know which sells Cumberland sausages. That said, I can definitely say theirs is the best in the city. The bangers, not so much.

            For longaniza and chorizo bilbao, there is one store in Chinatown that sells the best. I can't remember the name, but my mouth is watering just thinking of how good it is.

            1. While I agree that both Faicco's and the Buon Italia (the Chelsea Mareket Italian) both have superb sweet Italian sausages, I have found that the best I have ever had are at Florence Meat Market in the village (around the corner from Faicco's). It's kind of funny because you would expect Faicco's to be the best - just given what they are - but, surprisingly, I just like Florence's more. I once asked Maria at Florence why they were so good - she said it is because they put nothing but pork, pepper and fennel seed in them. No other spices, preservatives, etc... I don't know, maybe it is just the quality of the pork and the right balance between meat and fat.

              1. Salumeria Belliese on 8th btw 28th and 29th.

                1. Jeffery's in the Essex Market - great hot italian sausage.

                  1. I love Faicco's dried sausage