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best romantic dinner for 2 under $100??

my SO and i have our 3 year anniversary coming up this weekend. i know it's late to make reservations, but we'll try. our original plan was providence but we've had some unforseen medical bills to deal with so that's definitely out of our price range. where can we have a special night for around $100 not including corkage?

prefer hollywood/weho/fairfax or downtown

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  1. What part of town?

    In SFV, I like Il Tiramisu on Ventura. Corkage is $5.oo. Food is good, and well priced. Lovely atmosphere, Peter will treat you like VIP's. Tell him you are celebrating your anniversary when you call.

    You know, the S.Pelligrino Dine Out thing is going on..many nice places are offering a nice 3 course pre fixe dinner for like $35. There should be a link right to the right on this board ----------->

    If not, go to www.usadineout.com to find a nice spot.

    1. Since you say that your prefererence is hollywood/weho/fairfax or downtown then how about Opus? Just west of downtown on Wilshire. Many, many very positive posts about their tasting menu, which they do off menu for $10 per dish.

      Opus Bar & Grill
      3760 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

      1. Girasole in Larchmont. Great italian. Small and cozy restaurant. Reservations won't be hard if you call today or tomorrow. Bring your own wine. No corkage. Cost should hover around $100 for two.

          1. Perhaps you'll want to check out the deal that Morton's (Arnie Morton's here in LA) steakhouse offers to its email list (you can subscribe quite easily at their website) for a dinner for two for $99. It is a stupendous deal and fits nicely into your price parameter. You can choose from several locations in and around LA.

            Another option might be Lucques Sunday supper ($40pp). You can check out the menu on their website.

            As for the other posted suggestions, Opus could be a very good option for you. I don't think it is sublime but boy do you get a lot for your money and the chef clearly aspires to cooking at a very high level even if he doesn't always acheive it.

            Girasol is really charming and the no corkage fee is an added incentive.

            ll Tiramisu is not exactly something I would seek out. It is a slightly better than average, neighborhood Italian restaurant in the Sherman Oaks and let's just say that the SFV isn't exactly a hotspot for Italian cuisine.

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              surely you jest. Tyhere is some great Italian in the SFV. I find Il Tiramisu one of them, but there are many others.

              1. Tagine -- a Moroccan restaurant on Robertson & Wilshire -- has great food, a cozy dark atmoshpere, and a $35/person prix fixe on the weekends. It is a great value. You get a ton of courses, including hummus, various appetizer salads, the best bastilla (a sweet/savory dish of puff pastry topped w/ cinnamon & powdered sugar and filled with chicken & nuts), the tagine of your choice, and baklava w/ mint tea. Not sure what their corkage is, but there wine list is very reasonably priced with some interesting selections.

                Tasca www.tascawinebar.com on 3rd street just west of Crescent Heights is great too. The food is fantastic -- you can share and eat tapas style, or own your own entree -- and the place has really nice ambiance. Corkage is $15.

                Most of the other affordable places w/ low or no corkage I can think of are not so romantic. But if you just want good food & no corkage, Cube on La Brea & Melrose www.divinepasta.com is fantastic. Definitely can eat for under $100 there, provided you don't go too crazy with the cheese, which can get expensive.

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                  I second Tagine, though it has gone up to $42 pp. Still a terrific deal (except for dessert). I wrote a recent review.

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                    I was going to suggest Cube, too. It's sweet and kindof romantic in a way that reminds me of Europe for some reason.

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                      my post from yesterday got deleted, but i agree with cube.

                      also, lou on vine, magnolia, and bowery could all get you out if you're careful in ordering.

                      if you go on sunday, you could hit sunday supper at lucques.

                  2. I vote for easy...grilled steak, baked potatoes and ceasar salad. Ice cream and strawberries and cookies for dessert. If you want to make something men love, you could make creamed spinach ahead of time. Maker the ceasar dressing and wash the lettuce ahead. Should be easy and not a lot of dishes to wash.

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                      Dominic's Sunday supper for $15. It's a nice place inside and out and you will come in way under your budget.

                    2. What about Lucques Sunday?