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Aug 15, 2007 07:33 AM

21st Birthday Suggestions?

My little sister's 21st birthday is coming up, so I'm trying to help plan a fun night out for her at a place she wouldn't have encountered during her college years in town.

Looking for recommendations on bars/restaurants that are upscale without being pretentious, have good music but aren't so loud you can't talk, fun drinks & appetizers, and just good times for about 12-15 people - Asking the impossible, I know!

Her boyfriend is surprising her with a limo, so location is flexible. Right now we're looking at Back Bay/Downtown.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!


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      1. re: improperbostonian

        Try lir or globe both back bay fun can be had at both stops. globe has upstairs room that i think they will give you.

    1. Maybe the Good Life? Not really that upscale but it's reasonably large, has it's supporters here and the menu is reasonably diverse. I haven't been there personally since the rennovation, but I did like Scelfo's style and cooking at his other places.

      1. I had a fun birthday dinner at Tapeo a couple years ago, and I vaguely recall that they were willing to take reservations for parties over a certain size. Or am I misremembering through the sangria haze...?

        1. I recommend 28 Degrees in the South End?

          28 Degrees
          1 Appleton St., Boston, MA 02116