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Aug 15, 2007 07:22 AM

Best Sushi on Main Line/Manayunk/Delco??

I'm looking for a restaurant in this area that has very good sushi and preferably a nice atmosphere (this is a first date). I live in Havertown and would like to stay local and skip the city options for this one (though I know there are many). A restaurant that serves alcohol would be a plus. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!!

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  1. Teikoku in Newtown Square. Some of the best sushi I've ever had.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Teikoku is the best choice- and they have lots of other great stuff too! I love the peking duck appetizer. It might be fun to request the room with the fun tables (sorry don't know the proper name- the chairs without legs are on the platforms )

      1. re: pamd

        I have to vote for Teikoku. Food/sushi is consistently good. Definately the best for that area. Mikado on Lancaster Ave is the sister restaurant. Pretty much the same menu.

      1. re: shelbyroo

        I have to agree with Shogun 3. I got there quite often with my girlfriends as they allow BYOB (although they have a bar), we can always get a large table, and it's not too expensive. Very good fish and the best shrimp tempura I've had. I think it'd be nice for a first date, as the tables allow for some privacy.

        1. re: jessicheese

          Samurai in Rosemont enjoys an excellent reputation by the insiders who try to keep it a secret.

          1. re: idia

            Samurai certainly has an extensive menu. What's the atmosphere like? All one level? Any particularly good place to sit or all seats equal?

            Does anyone else have experience with Samurai in Rosemont?

            1. re: idia

              well, you all answered most of MY post before I even wrote it! (I'm looking for sushi w/in about 1/2 hour of Wilmington and Blue Bell, to meet friends). The rest of my question is, are any of these places more/less family friendly? Our friends have a little one who loooves sushi, but she is little. If none of these are family friendly, can you recommend any others?

                1. re: jujuthomas

                  I have to agree, again, on Shogun 3. I was there Tuesday and there were quite a few families with children. It's right off 476, so a nice middle spot (I live in DE, too).

                  They also have a 1/2 price sushi menu on Mondays and Tuesdays. Had I not gone before, I would have turned my nose up at half price sushi, but it's actually really good quality and we can get our sushi on for about $10-20 a person. It's now a monthly tradition.

                  1. re: jessicheese

                    ok where exactly is shogun 3. I'm intrigued by half price sushi!

                    1. re: leepinleemur

                      It's on Rt 3 in the back left side of the Manoa shopping plaza.
                      If you're heading North on 476, take a right off exit 9 and it's a mile down on the left hand side.

                    2. re: jessicheese

                      Thanks for the suggestions - we ended up meeting them near their home in Bear, DE at Kenny's Pan Asian, it's a new place - very nice!
                      definately will go back. presentations were all lovely, food was very good. nice variety of entrees.

                    3. re: jujuthomas

                      FWIW, my husband works in Rosemont and he & his colleagues prefer Fuji Mountain to Samurai.


                      We've taken our son to Fuji Mountain many times and they fall over themselves to be nice to him. The waitresses chat to him and bring him crayons and drawing paper. The manager/owner (?) brought him a special doodad to connect chopsticks, one like very small Japanese children have. Really, truly welcoming.

                      1. re: Mawrter

                        Another place that's good, but not all that family-friendly (or, well, anyone-friendly) is Hana in Strafford, in the farmer's market shopping center on Lancaster Avenue.

                        387 W Lancaster Ave
                        Strafford Shopping Center
                        Wayne, PA 19087
                        (610) 687-3320

                        And here's the link for Samurai:

                        Weird: the place link thing didn't take in my last post.

                        And - does anyone know anything about the sushi place in Bryn Mawr on Lancaster Avenue that's in the storefront where Peche Mignon used to be?

                        1. re: Mawrter

                          That Bryn MAwr sushi place is quite new. Sorry, I have heard nothing about it as yet.
                          Maybe worth a try.

                          Michael: As for Samurai: All on one floor but there is a ramp leading to a back room for groups 4 or larger.
                          One either may sit at the sushi bar and watch them make the sushi or else at small tables (maybe 6 or 7 in the front area) They also have a few tables for outdoor dining looking onto Lancaster Ave.
                          The place is cleaner than clean!

              1. We ended up going to Teikoku. I was very happy with the meal. Attractive, interesting atmosphere. We ordered the seared tuna and calamari salads. Both very good. I had the $50 sushi/sashimi combo and my date, the teikoku roll. Again both very good, fresh, delicious. Pleasant, attentive staff. Would definitely return. Thanks very much for the recs!