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Aug 15, 2007 06:45 AM

Delray area restaurant

Any suggestions for dinner? I was thinking Mexican or Italian.

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  1. Mexican - Los Tio's and Taqueria Poblano are very good. Also My Bakery and Cafe serves Latino cuisine.
    Italian - Hector's for your good cheap checkered tablecloth Italian-American, and Mancini's Cafe and Bakery. I'd do the latter.

    1. I ate at Del Merei Grille last Monday night and thought it was great. I'd recommend it, though it's not Mexican or Italian. It's homey food with a southern flair. The cheese grits were amazing, and the frickles (fried pickle chips) were also great.

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        I'd love to be able to explore the area much more than I do, but I whole heartedly second Del Merei.

        Taqueria Poblano is a divisive spot on this board, with me falling into a non-plussed camp.