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Aug 15, 2007 06:38 AM

Downtown restaurant with a great bar scene?

Hi All! Trying to find a place to celebrate a friends birthday tomorrow night--4 friends, mid-20s, looking for a fun, trendy restaurant (maybe italian, japanese, mexican, american--cuisine less important) that also has a decent bar scene. Along the lines of Tao or buddakan, but not there since we've just gone recently :)

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. The Stanton Social, Kittichai, Lure Fishbar, Rosa Mexicano (Union Square location), Thor

    1. Morimoto, One little west 12th, pastis, megu, balthazar.

      1. Bar 89. Has recently been voted the #1 bar in the world by Worlds Best Bars! Great burgers and wings!