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Aug 15, 2007 06:31 AM

ISO relatively healthy (no fried) with HUUUGE portions!

So I suppose they kind of cancel out. I wouldn't mind a health food place...but nothing fried, and really big portions. I love hummus, fish and such.

I wanted to do sushi and hummus, but places that make good hummus don't make good sushi and vice versa.

Also, a really great big baked sweet potato sounds yummy.

I suppose I could get take out and go home, but I will be solo, and kinda want to dine out in a reasonably nice place.

This seems all the result of the concussion I gave myself this weekend on the laundry room stairs. Since then, I have craved every dish I see on food network- but the craving for hummus with fluffy pita and good oil and fresh sushi and a sweet potato is just super powerful.

No, I'm not pregnant.

Where can I go?

SFV, West LA, Westwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, Pasadena are all OK

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  1. The Cedar House, in Sherman Oaks at Whitsett and Riverside, is a Lebanese restautant with great hummus. For twenty-five dollars they offer a complete platter for two (it feeds all three in my family). You start with fatush, that lovely Lebanese salad featuring sumac. Next up is their vegetarian platter, the afore mentioned hummus, baba ghanoush, falafels (alright there is one deep-fried item) and a lucious tabbouleh. Of course there are the omnipresent pickled turnips, peppers, and olives. After all this the main course arrives; beef kabob, chicken kabob, kefti kabob, kibbeh, and a rather disappointing rice pilaf. Finally, right before you stagger to the door, they give you a complimentary piece of baklava. The overall quality is excellent. It's twenty-five dollars!

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      That may be too much!

      I love Cedar House, and they have some of the best hummus in the Valley!

    2. check out grassroots market in south pasadena, on fair oaks near el centro. it's in the minimall with the vons, pizza hut & baja fresh. huge portions, cheap, and all organic. the staff is a little spacey-hippie, but it's a great bargain for giant burritos & wraps, salads, sandwiches, meze plates, etc.

      1. carnival in sherman oaks? great hummus. don't know how it would be for dining solo.
        la seranata has good fish. Not sure if that meets the large portion criteria though.
        As an aside, when I was pregnant I craved hummus!

        1. Well... Skaf's Grill in NoHo has fantastic, sublime hummus... and right next door in the same plaza is a place called Masa, which I went to once (it was fine, but I didn't have sushi, so I can't judge). You could probably somehow combine the two...

          1. ethiopian might do the trick!

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              I love ethiopian, but I have it sooo often. I wanna try to not burn out on it