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Aug 15, 2007 05:46 AM

Michigan's Fruit Belt

Has anyone visited this area? I love Red Haven peaches.

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  1. Many of the better smaller Michigan fruit growers sell the bulk of their production in farmers' markets in Chicago or directly to restaurants here. The fruit for these markets is picked riper than for wholesaling and is quite perishable and delectable.

    Red Haven peaches are almost over. This year most fruit has been ripening early with even more acceleration from the hot weather we have been having. Las week I made a batch of freezer jam from Red Havens. This ripe fruit requires the addition of citric acid to jell properly using the normal recipes. The fruit has a red blush under the skin and produced a lovely rose blush in the preserves.

    1. I live about 5 minutes from there... it's really not the fruit extravaganza most make it seem. To get the best cherries and apples at least, you have to drive north a ways.

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        Apples are more of a Grand Rapids thing. When my parents come down to visit, they'll stop at one of the orchards there that sells direct to the public for totally killer apple cider to bring to me and Mr. Mouse. It's got so much more of a wonderfully complex flavor than the overprocessed grocery store stuff.