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Aug 15, 2007 05:20 AM

Bonn Germany: Farmer's Markets and More

I just moved to Bonn and am searching for a good farmer's market. Maybe I'm a bit spoiled (I have spent some time in Bielefeld where there are several farmer's markets each week all of which have local Butchers (including people specializing in poultry, game, horse meat as well as the standard pork/beef places), Local Farmer Vegetable stands, cheese stands, bakers etc.

In Bonn there's the daily market downtown (some vegetable stands, looks mostly not local, a sandwich meat stand and cheese stand but no real butcher etc.). Also in my neighborhood (Buel) there's a really small Saturday market with two vegetable stands and some really sorry looking meat stands.

Anyone able to recommend something better? A bigger conglomeration on Saturday elsewhere in the city or surrounding area?



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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There's a large market on Saturdays in the downtown Bonn area (Rathausplatz). A lot of the stuff sold there is grown locally -- lots of produce, meats, ethnic foods, etc.

      The sales people can be a bit rude, but don't let yourself be intimidated -- it's our 'friendly' German ways ;-)

      1. I may be moving to Bonn next year and have food/living questions. Email me? cfarivar [at] cfarivar [dot] org

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            What did you find in terms of Bonn markets besides the one at the Rathaus? Also, how can I contact you directly by email?

            Does Bonn have any local/regional specialities? Any truly amazing bakeries/cafes and the like?

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              There are smaller markets in some of the subareas of Bonn. For example there's a Saturday morning market in Beuel (three veggie stands, a couple of butchers and a great coffee stand).

              In the fall be sure to try Federweisser wine (available everywhere) and the onion tarts.

              I was a big fan of the pudding prezels (which are junk food but appealing none the less).

              The good coffee is mostly in the italian style but the names of the places are slipping me at the moment. There are a number of them in the downtown area. Try around.

              My favorite bread was from the Natural Food store in Beuel but I don't remember who the baker was (except that the Baker was an American which I thought was interesting and wanted to look into further).

              There's some good German food available as well. For earthy stuff there's a place by the Rathouse (great pork belly and blood sausage!).

              Sorry I moved out of Bonn and forgot the names of these places....

              Some blog posts we wrote while we lived in the Area (but haven't updated in a while):


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                I tried emailing you to this address and it got returned. Email me: cfarivar [at]

                Let's chow soon!