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Aug 15, 2007 03:15 AM

Good Caribbean/Jerk/Island-style food in St. Pete?

I thought I drove by some small places in the Kenneth City/Lealman area. Are there any worth trying? And please skip any mention of Saffron's- it wasn't very good when we went and I believe it's only operating for catering now anyway.

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  1. We love Island Flavors & T'ings - 1411 49th St. S in Gulfport. Very authentic and delicious Jamaican food. The place doesn't look like much from the outside, but the jerk is as close to Jamaica as we've ever had off the island, and the patties are perfect.

    Saffron's is, indeed, closed.

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      You should definitely call Island Flavors first to see if anyone's there. I pass the place often, and it is not open very much! (727) 327-6416. Love their meat patties!

      I have also heard good things about "Taste of the Islands" located in a shopping plaza on 34th Street South at 22nd Avenue So. Haven't been myself - if you check it out, let us know.

      Sorry, rikkikm, can't help mentioning: Saffron's owner Edyth has reincarnated her cuisine from Jamaican to Southern, and relocated (and renamed it Savannah's) her restaurant to the old Hampton's Jazz Club, near the "circle" on Central Avenue. Here's a review:

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        Have you tried Savannah's? Is it any good?

    2. I third Island Flavors and Tings. It is all around one of our favorite restaurants. OK shhhh, don't tell everyone about our little hideout now :)