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Aug 15, 2007 01:49 AM

Good restaurants near Place de la Republique?

We've just moved to the top of the 3rd, and would love to know if anyone has favorites near Republique. All cuisines welcome!

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  1. Gosh, this reminds me of an all time great meal about 35 years ago in front of a Hotel. I think. For some reason, I remember sitting out on a Blvd with traffic around.
    The first and last time, that I ordered kidneys. The sauce was heavenly and every drop met up with the bread till the plate was spotless. A meal that I have never forgotten!

    1. This area is not known for fine dining, however there is Les Fernandises, 19 Fontain-au-Roi, a small bistrot serving southwestern fare. Prix-fixe lunch at 13E-15E and dinner at 18E.

        1. re: jock

          same as Jock. And l'Ambroisie. And the chinese restaurants towards belleville. and l'ambassade d'auvergne. And all those great places in le Marais -- there is a post about it those days.

          1. re: souphie

            l'ambassace d'auvergne has good food but they often do not treat american tourists as well as they might.

            1. re: jock

              that is the reason, I have not been back for 35 years! LOL

              1. re: nutrition

                Try L'homme bleu and apparently Astier is good all over again.

        2. We reallly enjoyed Au trou normand - 9, rue JP Timbaud. Short walk from Republique.

          1. It's been a while for me, but L'Auberge on J.P. Timbaud used to have a deal on Monday nights that was "grands vins a prix coutant." When I went there, instead of buying 30 franc bottles of wine for 90 francs, you could get 100 franc bottles of wine for 100 francs.
            Obviously this is a while ago, but only _slightly_ pre-Euro.
            Mondays only, though.

            The food is good, worth eating if you're in the neighborhood. It was the wine deals that made it a destination.