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Aug 15, 2007 01:00 AM

Sunday brunch buffet at Yose in Santa Monica??

Owner says there are sushi and hot food stations--$18 all-you-can-eat. Wonder if anyone tried it???

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  1. Made the mistake of having brunch here on Sunday. Avoid at all costs. The space is beautiful (as mentioned on other posts, used to be the old Rockenwagner location in the Edgemar Center) but the food was not edible. I've had better Korean food at the food court in Santa Monica and at the Century City Mall and better sushi from Ralph's. Don't make the mistake I made.

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        fried rice, kalbi, potatoes, bulgogi, banana crepes, chicken & veggies chinese style, miso soup, shrimp juhn, jap chae, korean style crab cakes, various sushi rolls couldn't really tell what type of fish (which is not a good sign to begin with). The offerings was very random and there was not that much food in the chaffing trays so everything was dried out.

    1. Love atmosphere, good food. Mixture of lounge style interior and less crowd made perfect place for me to chill out on Sunday afternoon at Venice breeze. Something old (egg benedict, fruit and cheese) to something new (sushi and roll), YOSE is getting better every time I go... check out weekly special roll by chef also. BTW, I go to YOSE for happy hour after work also. Can't complaint much about 50% off, haha.