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Aug 15, 2007 12:18 AM

Visiting Hound in SF Needs Dinner Recs

Hi SF Hounds,

My BF and I will be heading from Hermosa Beach to SF next weekend to visit both his brother and my brother/sis-in-law, and will also be celebrating said BF's birthday. It's been a while since we were last in your fair city, and we're soooo looking forward to some quality chow, which--ahem--can be a tad more difficult to come by in LA.

Would love to hear about any must-try places (both special occasion and casual) that have come on the scene of late. Places we've been to and love include Delfina, Slanted Door, Plumpjack, Betelnut, Bix, Gary Danko, Girl & the Fig, Tartine.

We're contemplating whether to go to Michael Mina, where BF's brother has been sous-chef'ing at.


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    1. re: purediva

      Haven't been to Michael Mina but Myth might be a nice spot to try.

      Some of my favorite meals out lately have been @

      Myth -- great food, nice atmosphere
      Ame - also great food and atmophere
      Canteen -- fantastic food; too small to accomodate your size party
      Sebo -- sushi

      Incanto's been on my list to try for a while, as is Gary Danko.

    2. Range, may still be able to get a reservation. I like it much better than Bar Tartine. Mina's is great, but high $ and quite formal. Nopa is good bet too.

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      1. re: Chris Rising

        Thanks margieco & chris. We have 3 dinners to plan for and I'm thinking we'd want to stick with the mid-range places. My shortlist right now is:

        Range (got a rez for Thurs. - weekend doesn't look like it's happening)
        Salt House

        So Bar Tartine's a no?

        1. re: purediva

          Myth's probably out on such short notice.

      2. If you want to try places that are fairly new, then I would consider Mission Bay Cafe as a mid-range place to check out. (Range, for example, has been open for awhile.) Another place getting a lot of buzz is Laiola in the Marina area.

        But if you're just going for good food, then I would say to not miss getting pizza at Pizza Delfina. (You may not have tried that when you went to Delfina the first time.) Also add Incanto if you haven't been to it yet. The chef is turning out to be a celebrity chef with his stints on Iron Chef America.

        1. Our fave is the Tadich Grill...No reservations, but worth the wait...go early if you don't want a wait...Oldest restaurant in SF...We also love the dim sum at Yank Sing...

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          1. re: jinet12

            Yank Sing for sure.
            Tadich for a lunch.
            Foreign Cinema for Saturday or Sunday Brunch.

            I would add Zuni Cafe (I recommend this place to everyone coming to SF) and Aziza to the dinner list.

            5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

            Zuni Cafe
            1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

            Foreign Cinema
            2534 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

            1. re: Fussy Foodie

              Any thoughts about Limon or Terza? My brother and sis-in-law are great friends of the chef so we were thinking of going there one night. We're also starved for authentic tapas (hard to come by in LA), which is why we were thinking Terza...

              1. re: purediva

                For tapas, Bocadillos.

                710 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I've been dying to try Bocadillos for some time now. How's the wait on weekends these days for dinner there? The fact that they don't take reservations scares me a little...

                2. re: purediva

                  I think Limon is still great and it continues to be filled for dinner. If you know the chef, then you should definitely go to meet the chef and maybe try a specialty. I love any of their ceviches, especially the cream version. If you've never been, then you should try it. But I have to say that there are so many new restaurants in the Mission, if your goal is to try some place new, then you should consider places like Spork, Mission Bay Cafe, Maverick, Bar Tartine, etc., which are all fairly new compared to Limon. But if you're craving Peruvian food, then Limon is a gold standard.

                  1. re: purediva

                    I was gonna mention Limon. I've loved their food from the day they opened and I've never been disappointed. It's given me a whole new respect for ceviche.

              2. Zuni Cafe for seafood platter and martinis or Champagne cocktails, Foreign Cinema for Brunch would be my recs. Your other faves are mine as well.