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Aug 14, 2007 11:32 PM

Sushi Platter

I've read ChowHound for some time, but this is my first here. So I'd like to start by thanking everyone here for excellent advice and interesting discussion.

I have been eating sushi for years, but I live in Chappaqua, NY, and the quality and variety in Westchester is fairly lacking. As I have refined my "sushi senses" more and more, I have began making bi-weekly trips to the city in search of great sushi. I tend to like the more traditional sushi to the more eccentric american style (although I am happy to try both). Here is my quandary: many of the threads I have read on sushi suggest getting the omasake for the ultimate quality and variety, and I do not doubt the validity of these claims, but I am an undergraduate student who can't afford omasake. I dream of trying Yasuda, and the like, but for now I am stuck getting the Sushi Deluxe, Chirashi, etc., and then ordering a few pieces a la carte. More often than not, I find myself sorely disappointed with the variety, and frequently (but not always) the quality of what I receive. One anomaly has been Blue Ribbon on Sullivan, I tried the sashimi there and I was quite pleased. The spanish mackerel, in particular, was SUPERB. Anyway on to my question...

Which NYC restaurant offers your favorite sushi platter at reasonable (i.e. $30 and under) price?


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  1. Both Kanoyama and Ushiwakamaru offer sushi platter (at Kanoyama they called it omakase sushi, but it is simply a sushi platter) at around the $30ish range. Esashi also has a sushi platter, good quality but with less (a bit boring) variety.

    Hatsuhana in Midtown also has some great sushi choices (pick 10 of your choice, Chirashi special, sushi special, etc.) between the $20ish - $30ish range.

    Of course at this price point you really can't expect a large varieity of fish selection. These places are the better ones I can think of with much better quality than the normal neighbour sushi joints (and much better than Blue Ribbon IMO).

    1. I know I have been writing about this place a lot lately but Kirara on Carmine St. is the best quality/price ratio in the city. Interesting fish, pretty room and really affordable. $30 would DEFINITELY give you a belly full of delicious fish!

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        I'm also not among those who can dine at Masa night after night so I've been meaning to try Kirara and Ushiwakamaru for what's supposedly very affordable omakase. Hopefully it'll be a change of pace from the 50% off sushi I get on 2nd Avenue or St. Mark's.

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          Please report back after Kirara, I hope your experience will be as great as mine have been!

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            what 50% off sushi are you talking about? Noodle Zen or something on st marks?

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              Oyama on 2nd Avenue and then there's some place on St. Mark's and 2nd Ave that I've forgotten the name of. As far as cheap sushi goes, I much prefer Oyama.

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                I think Oyama is actually on 1st Ave @ 11th St, and it's definitely the best half-price sushi joint in the neighborhood. That said, the original poster should definitely head elsewhere - Kirara and Ushiwakamura fit the bill nicely.

                Just out of curiousity ESNY, what do you think a 10-piece chef's selection might cost at Yasuda?

                1. re: CalJack

                  According to menupages. You can choose 12 pieces from a list plus half a roll for $34.

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                    Depends on what is in season, but most of the nigiri is around $4-5 per piece (obviously excluding toro). I haven't had any specials there but I know they have combos that give you a selection of nigiri but I'm not sure if they include anything more than the "standard" selections.

          2. Shimizu also has a platter for $31 I think, where you get to pick the sushi/sashimi of your choice.

            318 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

            1. I should mention that I am searching for quality and variety of sushi for the price as opposed to quantity of sushi per dollar. I am not sure if that makes a difference, but I thought I would mention that. Thanks, by the way, for all of the advice so far, keep it coming! I am excited to try all of these places!! Also, if there is anything special that you would try, please mention it.

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                If you are looking for variety, definitely ditch the sushi platter and order by the piece. You might not get as many pieces but you can try all sorts of new fish. Sushi Yasuda's price per piece isn't bad (the cost comes from loving it and getting 25 pieces). Also note, that you aren't obligated to go a full blown omakase at any sushi joint, even Yasuda. You can easily go there and ask chef Yasuda to select 10 pieces of nigiri for you.