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Aug 14, 2007 11:20 PM

What would you sub into this cocktail?

I have made it a mission to find prickly pear juice this week, but if I don't succeed I need a backup plan!

The idea is to make a pitcher of a pear cocktail for a party. The version I had at a restaurant consisted of prickly pear juice, regular pear juice (looks like bosc on the bottle), rose's lime syrup, and Absolut pear.

The drink is served over a ton of ice in a big hurricane glass. Not exactly something that packs a huge punch, but a great icy cold summer sipping drink.

If I don't find the prickly pear juice, what else could I add that would complement the pear juice/vodka and give the drink a nice color?

Going against the trend, I do not like pomegranate juice at all. Unless it's fresh, which I don't have tht time for! I don't relaly like cranberry juice either, which puts me at kind of a loss.

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  1. I would do some kind of berry, some raspberry syrup or Chambord would do nicely, maybe some creme de cassis. As for finding prickly pear syrup around your area, try Mexican grocery stores first.

    1. Try guava or passionfruit.

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        Agreed - these should be in the "Latin aisle" of most big supermarkets.

      2. Agave nectar? Though, you'd probably have about as much chance if finding that as prickly pear nectar.

        1. I have never seen prickly pear juice offered on it's own in a bottle, can, etc. I have bought and picked my own before and 'carefully' skinned, mashed, & juiced the inner pulp and seeds to recover the juice. I don't know if you have the option of fresh prickly pears, but seen them at lots of grocers and markets lately.

          1. Try sicilian product export sites online. I bought a couple of fico d'india (prickly pear) liqueurs and preserves while I was there, as they are nearly impossible to find here (you can also get juice there, I am sure). Obviously, you won't have it in time for this summer's parties, but a prickly pear liqueur will last until next year.

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              Vvindaloo, I just received some fico d'india liqueuer as a gift. What do you do with it? Drink it straight? Mix into cocktails? Suggestions/recipes, anyone? Thanks.