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Mo's in Burbank?

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I'm supposed to meet someone for breakfast at Mo's in Burbank this week (their choice). I've never been there before and there isn't much posted on Chowhound about it, so I checked out Yelp and it had some awful reviews.

Has anyone eaten breakfast there? If so, is it so bad that I should suggest we eat somewhere else?


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  1. I don't suppose you remember Hampton's, which once occupied the same space (with the original location on La Brea). If you do -- or even if you don't -- it's pretty much the same thing, with the, um interesting hamburgers (I like the one with peanut butter and jelly) and German potato salad.

    I've only been there for lunch, a few times, and wouldn't hesitate to go there again. On the other hand, as you've seen, it raises some people's hackles.

    I figure: how badly can you screw up breakfast?

    You can always go to Paty's, next door. Independently owned slightly above-Danny's coffee shop.

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      I've been for breakfast many times. Good, not great. The potato Mo's are strange, basically mashed potatoes for breakfast. They do a decent hollandaise and the omelets are all fine. Free champagne included, but sometimes you have to ask for it.

      1. re: Muskrat

        Ahhh yes, the Foggy Bottom Buger (PB& sour plumb Jelly!), my favorite.

        I think that while Mo's is patterened after Hamptons (style) - I used to go to the Mo's in WHills - the quality doesn't seem quite the same. Still, it's great to be able to add all your own toppings on your burger.

        Patty's is the best for breakfast. I can't believe Mo's could be any better. I love the patio at Patty's.

        Surprisingly I had a great breakfast at Bob's a few years ago, one of the best I've had! Amazing, I know I was shocked! Maybe it was an abberation!

        1. re: LesThePress

          The hot-dog stand across the street -- the one with the big sign that says "Show Burger!" LOL -- also has a great, cheap breakfast, in case anyone was wondering. Can't recall the name of the place for the life of me, but you can't miss its garish exterior.

          I really like Mo's weird fried-mashed breakfast potatoes -- butter, sour cream, nicely mashed, with a grilled-on crispy exterior. Not bad.

          I miss Hampton's!!! The one on La Brea. Best tasting burger I've ever had.

          1. re: CucumberBoy

            I believe you're referring to Papoo's Hot Dog Show. It's one of my favorite restaurant names of all time! I used to go for lunch when I worked in the area, but never had the breakfast.

        2. re: Muskrat

          Mo's has a much better breakfast than Paty's, which is the Lamplighter coffee shop with another name, period! The omelets are quite good as is the sausage as I recall, and as others have stated, those potatoes are good, yet a bit unexpected. Much warmer ambiance than competitors on either side of it, meaning Bobs and Paty's. Definitely the best overall place, especially for a business meeting.
          The hamburgers and salads are also quite good, btw, if lunch might be the alternative.