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Aug 14, 2007 10:27 PM

Bridal Shower Venue in Oakland/Berkeley?

Need help finding a place to throw a small bridal shower in Oakland or Berkeley. Would be next month, about a dozen guests + bride. All women in 20s/30s. Weekend afternoon, probably. Something fun and relaxed like... dessert and champagne? Cupcakes and tea? Would picnicking be a rain-out risk? Help!

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  1. The likelihood of a rainout in September is pretty low, and then you could get or make cupcakes and bring other snacks. I can't think of a lot of places that are open on weekend afternoons where you would be able to have dessert (and fit a dozen people), but if you're open to other ideas, Cesar is open through the afternoon, and you could do cocktails and tapas at one of those big tables in the front (the one on Piedmont). Or if you wanted to do brunch, Sea Salt has a nice brunch, and their outside area is nice, and would be a good size for that many people.

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    1. Cafe Cacao in West Berkeley has a private room that could be fun. I'd think you'd need to order a meal, though.