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Aug 14, 2007 10:09 PM

East Village BYOB

My greatest preference would be an Indian restaurant. I read several posts that referenced BYOB Indian places on 6th St, but I have been to some and they all have wine, so specific names would be great.

But any other cuisine is great too.

(Inexpensive and nominal or no corking fee, please.)

Thanks so much.

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  1. Cafe Cortadito on E. 3rd near Ave. B is BYO. I have not been, but the restaurant was reviewed favorably in NY Magazine last week. Here's a link to the review.

    1. Sonar Gaon 328 E 6th Street is an Indian restauranat that is BYOB. Great place. I like the saag paneer and the poori.

      1. Cube 63 on the lower east side is byob sushi

        1. Mole on Allen for mexican - haven't been but its been reviewed well on this site

          1. Sigiri is a Sri Lankan restaurant on 1st Ave. between 5th and 6th Street. They're good and spicy.