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Kenobi Sushi?

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I work near the Arboretum and have been noticing construction taking place at the old Dan McClusky's site. They finally have put up a banner saying "Kenobi Sushi Bar ...". I did a quick google search and it only turned up a craigslist ad looking for severs. The space has to be expensive so I was expecting it to be a chain, but it's hard to tell so far.

Personally, I'm a little tired of sushi places and was hoping for something more interesting, but I guess I'll wait and see how it turns out.

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  1. I will be trying this soon, will keep you posted.

    1. Just ate there recently. The sushi was average to a little better than average but not my favorite in town. The calamari appetizer however would be worth going back for and they seem to have a wider variety of dishes than just sushi. The place is nicely decorated but was very empty when we visited.

      1. beautifully decorated inside. we sat at the sushi bar, had several rolls, a lot of nigiri and one appetizer dish. all were ok/mediocre. typical fish selection and a friend didn't like the rice and how it was seasoned/cooked. the piece i enjoyed the most was the escolar. the rolls were pretty sloppy. for the prices, i would rather spend my money at musashino. it think it will turn into more of a place to be seen than a place to eat.

        1. Tried it for lunch today. Got the calamari appetizer $8-while the tempura coating was light the calamari was pretty bland. The aioli dipping sauce tasted like mayonnaise. I would say the dish was just average, for my taste it needed lemon or spice to jazz it up.
          Also got the Lickety Split Roll $15 which had spicy tuna, soft shell crawfish, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, nori and rice. The eel sauce gave it a touch of sweet while the pepper sauce gave a strong spice kick which I like.
          Also tried a piece of escolar $2.50 which is my favorite, while the piece larger than some places, it had much less flavor that I'm used to.
          The staff was very attentive and seemed to be very abundant for a weekday lunch. I bet the place is packed at happy hour as they have a very large bar area separate from the sushi bar. Light jazz music plays overhead and the decor is black and dark browns. Lots of wood and marble.
          Cool place to check out, but not my favorite sushi place. They don't have as many rolls as other places but offer several hibachi or grilled items. My guess is they will cater to the people who frequent the Domain shops as their intended clientele.

          1. I am a sushi lover and I can eat sushi everyday that ends with a Y! I have been to Japan to eat Sushi and it's yyuuummmmyy.. But this place was absolutely horrible. The decor and the restaurant is really nice! The service is awesome but the sushi is pretty pricey. By far mushashino is still the best place in Austin to get sushi. If that is too expensive I would prefer Mikado or Sushi Japon.

            1. restaurant is very nicely decorated and the ambience is very nice. very swanky... we went there last night (friday) and it wasn't too busy. so the service was quick. fish quality was good..not as expensive as uchi but would still opt for tomo, mikado or midori. but it was worth checking out...would go back again.

              1. Who owns this place? Are they Koreans or Americans?

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                1. Has anyone been to Kenobi recently and care to comment? I'll be going there for lunch next week and would welcome suggestions on what to order.

                  I am especially interested in whether the baked fish in the bento boxes is good. I am envisioning pre-cooked fish a la the Luby's cafeteria line! Can't tell you why.