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Aug 14, 2007 08:43 PM

Chocolate Shops?

My friend who is a chocolatier is coming to LA and we want to check out a few chocolate shops. Are there any I should add to the list? Independent rather than chains. TIA
L'Artisan du Chocolat
Valerie Confections

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    1. Your list looks pretty good. I would add K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills

      K Chocolatier
      9606 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

      1. Also Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland in Beverly Hills on the corner of Brighton & Camden. Really cute store with tables to enjoy chocolates and coffee. Expensive, but exquisite chocolates. As far as I know this is not a chain -- I've never seen one of these anywhere else in the US (I lived in NYC for several years) -- but given the name it is possible that there are more in Switzerland. It is very close to K Chocolatier, that another chowhound recommended for you.

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        1. re: lalawgirl

          Actually, Teuscher is a chain, with 13 locations in the US.


          1. re: sku

            I've done Teuscher in BH, NY, SF, and Chicago. First time I went to the BH one was waaaay back when they were GIVING away the champagne truffles as samples to lure people to buy their chocolates. Way back.

        2. There's Compartes Chocolates in Brentwood, too.

          Comparte's Chocolatier
          912 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049

          1. what about Comparte's?

            What's that place in Main in SM?

            Nata's does some nice chocolates.



            Valerie's Confections

            Frankly, I know your friend has been, case they're all over, but I lvoe See's buttercremes.

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            1. re: Diana

              Two years ago I tried a dozen High-dollar chocolate shops around L.A., and had some good stuff. What I learn from it all was that if you hand over enough money to someone who knows a little about chocolate you probably will get something at least half good in return. With that in mind I developed the opinion that what really makes for a good Chocolatier is in what they can hand you when you give them a small amount to work with. Therefore, "Frankly, ..." I agree with See's. I like the nut, and chews selection. I can eat a pound of Califoenia Brittle ad a box of those "Awesome Nut & Chew Bars."


              "K" Chocolatier (I liked this place for the chocolates)

              In tem pe ran tia (I haven't been here in over a year, probably still around)
              15324 Antioch Street
              Pacific Palisades,
              CA, 90291
              (800) 982-0088

              Leonidas Chocolate Café (Belgium chocolates,but I really love the BEST ice blended Mocha in L.A.)
              49 W. Colorado Blvd.
              Pasadena , CA 91105-1922
              (626) 577- 7121

              Leonidas Chocolate Café (Belgium chocolates,and the BEST ice blended Mocha in L.A.)
              331 Santa Monica Blvd.
              Santa Monica , CA 90401-2205
              (310) 917-4496

              1. re: Diana

                Love Edelweiss, Comparte's and See's.