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ISO Hanger or Flatiron Steak from a Meat Cutter

I had a great Strip Steak last night. What made it so good was it had a hint of beef liver flavor. I have done some reading today on Chowhound, and other places, and confirmed that I am not nuts. Based on what I read I am now looking for a good meat cutter who will hand over a hanger or flatiron steak (which I have never had before) rather than take it home for themself. I believe I will have a better chance of having that "true" beef flavor from a steak. From what I read this might also be the best cut to grind, sear over a very hot grill, and eat medium-rare as a burger.

The Hanger steak

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  1. Marconda's Meat Market at the Farmers' Market, Third and Fairfax, always has flatiron steaks.They are not terribly expensive. It is one of the few places where I have seen them on a regular basis. The beef is the Piedmontese breed raised in Montana, and it is excellent.

    1. Is Hanger Steak the same as Skirt Steak? Skirt is everywhere.

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        From the Wiki link in the op -- Wiki states that, A hanger steak "hangs" from the diaphragm of the steer. The diaphragm itself is a tougher muscle, comprising the outer skirt steak. The hanger is attached to the last rib and the kidney. It resembles flank steak, is very tender, and has an intense flavor. Chefs with experience preparing beef kidneys report that the hanger steak's aroma preserves a trace of kidney. There is only one hanger steak per animal.

        Burger Boy, click the wiki link above, you gotta see the picture of this steak.

      2. Marconda's has great meats, but they don't stock Hanger Steak. At the other end of the market, Huntington Meats does have Hanger Steak, but it's frozen. If I remember last time I got some there, it was already trimmed in the cryovac wrapper. Otherwise, you need to trim off two steaks from either side of the central membrane. Cook over a hot fire until medium rare, let rest at least five minutes, and cut against the grain. Great flavor, tender, very beefy. Overcooking makes it tough, so the bigger the steak you can find the better, as the smaller ones are easy to overcook.

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          You are correct. They do not stock hangersteak, but they had flatiron steak this morning when I was there. I believe it has been there every week when I go for the last year or so.

        2. Maybe you could find it in a Mexican supermarket or grocery. Fajitas is traditionally made from skirt steak.

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            Yes, but skirt steak is definitely not the same as flatiron or hangar. It is very thin, whereas flatiron is about 1/2" thick at least.

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              And a flatiron steak isn't the same as a hanger, either. It's part of a blade chuck roast.

          2. Trader Joes carried hanger steaks in their "Iowa Grass Fed Beef" line for a while but stopped doing so. Hanger steaks are very hard to find, I have heard it is because restaurants tend to snap them up. They are both tender and flavorful. I once did grind one up for burger, tasted great, but what a waste as they are so hard to find.

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              I could have swear that TJ still carries them, but not under the Iowa Grass Fed, just the regular 'Angus'. It's probably worth calling the local TJ's and find out if they have it.

              I actually don't care for the 'livery' taste. Had it at Bouchon LV a while back.

            2. I love hangar steak, but I don't think they're all that tender... not like, say, filet mignon. But ten times the flavor... I hear this cut is more popular in Europe, where they prefer flavorful meat over butter-soft texture. I've gotten it at Huntington Meats at the Original Farmers Market, and I think even once at the Silverlake Gelson's.

              1. Thanks everyone, I will be going to Farmers' Market thanks to these rec's. I can't wait to grill these steaks and see whether they really have the flavor I am looking for.

                This is a link to my post concerning the flavor The replys were very helpful.

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                  If you have gone to the Farmer's Market already, you have found that Huntington Meat only carries them frozen, and you have to do your own butchering. Gelson's will special order them for you. I don't know if they know how to butcher them. If you are in the valley, Hardy Meats, in the mini market corner of coldwater and moorpark will also special order them, and can butcher them as well. You can also buy them on line from Niman Ranch and Lobel's. Both of them come already butchered, and Lobel has the rep of selling the finest meat you can buy. My preferred way of cooking is to salt them, then pan broil them in a well seasoned cast iron pan. Rub the steaks with oil before broiling, and broil them for 6-6-1/2 minutes, turning them every 2 minutes on each side. I like mine very rare. Let them rest for 5 min before eating. Try making a wine and shallot sauce using the cast iron pan you cooked them in, incorporating the drippings left in the pan from the steaks.

                2. Try Ralphs for Flat Iron Steaks. Ralphs has featured Flat Iron Steaks on sale for $3.98 a pound. The following link has Will Owen's review of Ralphs' Flat iron Steak:


                  For Hanger Steak, I suggest you give Harvey Guss Meats a call.

                  Also, I suggest you try Flap Meat Steaks -- looks like skirt steaks but thicker. Flap Meat is the "flap" that separates the loin and sirloin. I buy Flap Meat Steaks from my local Ralphs Fresh Fare -- Ralphs Fresh Fare carries USDA Choice Meats while the regular Ralphs carries USDA Select.

                  Harvey Guss Meats
                  949 S. Ogden Drive
                  Los Angeles 90036
                  (323) 937-4622

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                    the last issue of saveur magazine was all about steaks. it had some great pictures of steaks, you guys should check it out. whoever posted about the piedmont beef thanks, ive been looking for some recently.

                  2. Hanger steaks properly prepared are fantastic. Not tender like a filet, but very flavorful. The Brasserie that was at Wilshire and San Vicente, in BH (not Brentwood) had great hanger steaks on the menu. Alas, it is no more. And, yes, there is not much hanger steak per bovine.

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                      The 2 best hanger steaks in LA that I have had are at Bin 8945 and Osteria Mozza (the tagliatta).

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                        Mimosa had Hanger Steak as their Thursday Special last year. I thought that it was very flavorful would have it again without even thinking..