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Aug 14, 2007 07:43 PM

OK, so I've been there - German Gourmet - you gotta go too!

I recently asked about the German Gourmet market, newly opened (just a week at this writing) in the old Daks Restaurant location, 5838 Columbia Pike.

So I got there today and found, first of all, a very warm and enthusiastic welcome. I felt like I had walked into an episode of "Top Chef," with everyone in blindingly white starched uniforms (at 4pm!) and smiling, falling all over themselves to help me.

There's a counter for ordering hot food to go (grilled brats at lunchtime, the sign advises). Next there's a small room of wines, which I did not examine. There's a larger room of packaged and bottled items (candy, condiments, etc) and a trio of cooled counters for meats, cheeses, pastries and store-made foods.

The latter include salads (a very nice green bean salad, excellent seasoned sauerkraut that might have been even better IMO without its added juniper berries and touch of mustard, german potato salad and red cabbage, cucumber salad, meat salad, carrot salad and more). Prices on these were surprisingly reasonable.

Meats included a wide variety of sausages (knockwurst, several styles of bratwurst, etc) plus salamis of all sorts (I didn't taste the $15.99/lb mortadella, gotta see what makes that so special) and a handsome array of cheeses. In both cases, most but not not all of the offerings are traditionally German (I was sorely tempted by the slab of double-smoked bacon).

To sum up - I'm definitely going back.

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  1. Assuming that the stock is the same as on Lee Hwy, they have several liverwursts & braunsweighers (sp?) that I have never seen anywhere else. I once got about 3 to do a tasting with, since I love the stuff.

    Husband lusts after the potato salad.

    1. I was there last night to check it out and don't have much to add that Wayne didn't already describe. For those of you who have been to the original location, the products being sold at the new one are almost exactly the same. I was hoping that they may add some more products to the inventory, but from what I can see, they did not. That being said, the new space is really nicely laid out. It is really nice to actually be able to move in this location as opposed to the other that had very little breathing room.

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        I live nearby and stopped in at lunch time- I must say that the cheese prices were extremely high and a lot of the package goods- are also priced higher than other stores. I wonder about the choice of location-in the sea of ethnic restaurants that are available, the German Gourmet seems a bit out of place.

        1. re: naxos

          Most of the shelf inventory is imported from Germany and I'm assuming he's not getting a great break on volume. The original does good business b/c it's the only place to get some of the things they stock. If there are many Asian and Latin places around so be it - they aren't carrying the mustards, spaetzles, etc.

          1. re: Dennis S

            You are probably correct about the shelf inventory. For example, I love gummi bears, but only Haribo that were manufactured in Germany. They are different from the ones made in Baltimore. German Gourmet is one of the few places that imports them, so the extra money is worth it to me since I think they are so much better.

            1. re: Dennis S

              Surprisingly A lot of the packaged goods are available at the Mediterranen Bakery on Picket Street which stocks lots of middle eastern goods as wellas a huge array of Euro imports.

        2. The original comment has been removed