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Aug 14, 2007 07:39 PM

BF's Bday - South Bay looking for something new/fun

Hi All

Boyfriend's birthday is Saturday and I am looking for a something new. We are fans of Restaurant Christine but want to try something new. I am thinking about Gina Lee's, Aimee's Bistro, Saluzzi's or Coccole's. Any recommendations or new suggestions? Thanks In Advance

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  1. You are missing a great option from your list--Avenue, in Manhattan Beach. In my opinion, Avenue and Christine are the best in Southbay. Gina Lee's also has excellent food, but it's not as elaborate or upscale as Avenue. That said, it's also less expensive, and the staff there are extremely nice. Ate at Aimee's recently and we thought it was good, but nothing special...not as good as Christine, and we ended up spending about the same amount there. In short, if you are fans of Christine but want something new I think Avenue is your best bet.

    1. If you are looking for fun and quirky,I think Il Chianti in Lomita -Japanese?Italian- good Italian wine list

      1. will you travel as far away as -- my goodness -- San Pedro?
        Neil's Pasta and Seafood House.
        get the stuffed pepper--after that you will be in heaven.

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          either it's really good, or bad enough to kill you! ;)

          1. re: peterboy

            We go to San Pedro for food there some great breakfast joints there, I was even thinking Admiral Risty or the place at Trumps. And I have Neils Pasta on my list of "to do's" but I don't want a hit or miss on his bday night.. so how often is it a miss? A little risk is always fun! :~)

            1. re: kat_dew

              I like Admiral Risty. But I don't know if it's special enough. I would definetely consider Avenue. I'm going there for my birthday!

              1. re: mar5195

                Admiral Risty's? Really? It's fine, but hardly fun or exciting. There are so many down-to-earth ethnic restaurants in the area like Musha and Izakaya Ishin. Those are going to be fun, different, and something to talk about

                1. re: danieljames

                  I know Admiral Risty's is kind of kooky and we have been to Izakaya Ishin (which is great) Have you been to Iccho? I have a friend who wants to go to Musha with us so I was going to wait on it. I will definitely look at Avenue. Thanks for the suggestions every one!

                  1. re: kat_dew

                    Iccho?! My favorite place to go after work at 12:30 at night most weeks. Great scuzzy space, awesome sake, and pretty off the wall food most times. Glad to hear it.

                  2. re: danieljames

                    Musha is a great place to have fun, I had taken over the whole middle table two years back for my birthday and had 20 people it was a total blast. we kept on ordering and ordering. bear in mind its casual, nothing like trump..

                2. re: kat_dew

                  it is a miss one out of 8 times. they do the birthday song in italian if you tell them that is why you are there.
                  saturday is of course crowded. but you can get a reservation. tell annielo that petey sent you.
                  linen table clothes. marspone in tomato sauce or oil and vinegar to go on really fresh bread. wonderful pasta siciliano which is a vegetarian sauce. osso bucco, fresh halibut. sometimes lobster. fine linguine clams--red or white.
                  what can I tell you. I Iike the place alot.
                  rigatoni with veal sauce, one of the very best bolognese between here and bologna.
                  no pizza. house wine is $6-7 a glass and the wine list is fine.
                  entrees from $15-25 except for lobster specials. google it and read the menu.
                  cheaper at lunch time.

                  1. re: peterboy

                    Thanks Petey will def. check it out!

                    1. re: peterboy

                      Peterboy is right on. Consistently good. Live music on the weekends - (Richard Leach the gutarist also plays at Admiral Risty's on Saturday nights). The owner usually is ther and will check in with you about your meal. The Siciliano is always good.