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Aug 14, 2007 07:37 PM

Dinner walking distance fm 1 Market/Ferry Plaza?

My husband and I get to get away [from mom/dad duty] for the first time in two years for an SF overnight. Going to be staying downtown Saturday night, close to Ferry Plaza / 1 Market Plaza.

It's been a long, long time since we've had the chance to eat in the city. Any good [romantic/yummy] places to eat in walking distance there?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. You can never go wrong with One Market..a Bradley Ogden place, its great. Also Boulevard and Bar Americano are all right in the same area...Embarcadero and Market.

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      Re: One Market
      Also on Saturday nights there is a musician, Billy Philadelphia, that plays piano at dinnertime. There is also a prix fixe menu on Friday and Saturday nights. Three courses under $30.

    2. so why not take mass transit from 1 market up to zuni? pretty simple. if i can figure it out so can anyone. probably take you ten minutes or so.

        1. re: JasmineG

          Go anywhere but Zuni and you will have hit the mark. Its not where us locals frequent.

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            What? Lots of locals on this board frequent and love Zuni, that's a totally untrue statement.

            1. re: SFguy

              I agree with you. I just wasn't that impressed with it.

              1. re: adefiori

                Zuni was dull the first time I went and their screw-ups were major the second time I went. I would say Boulevard or Perbacco.

              2. re: SFguy

                I am a local and go to Zuni at least once a month. I see tons of people there who are clearly not tourists.

                1. re: farmersdaughter

                  I've been eating at Zuni several times a year for over 20 years and it's one of my top five restaurants in the area. The chef's Zuni Cafe Cookbook gives a good idea of what's to like about the place.

                  Here are some actual detailed reports on meals there:


            2. Boulevard.Definetly. I thought it would be such a tourist trap but I was SO impressed! Zuni cafe wasn't my favorite, but it was okay. And people in SF really like it. Boulevard is walking distance, which might be nice. There is also AME, which is only a quick cab ride away. And Perbacco, isn't that far either.

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              1. There are probably 20 good places within easy walking distance without having to use a cab or Muni. But there is no need to go far, Boulevard is a great space with excellent food. See if you can get a table in the back with a view of the Bay Bridge to up the romantic factor.

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                1. re: Paul H

                  I think The Slanted Door is awesome, that is where I would go.

                  1. re: bubbles4me

                    I agree on the Slanted Door. I had lunch there last year and could only imagine how romantic it would be right there on the waterfront at night.

                    1. re: Cheflambo

                      I love Slanted Door, but I don't think that the atmosphere is particularly romantic.

                      1. re: JasmineG

                        Except for the view, which is more romantic sitting on a bench on the other side of the window, and the glow that may come if you order well from the menu and wine list, Slanted Door's as romantic as the 1960s-era airport departure lounges it resembles.

                        1. re: Robert Lauriston

                          Roberto, per favore! Non tutto deve essere rustico.

                          1. re: Husky

                            No general prejudice--Perbacco, District, Sebo, Mochica, Dopo, and Bar Bambino, to name a few, all manage to be simultaneously modern and romantic (to my taste).

                            1. re: Robert Lauriston

                              We did end up having a quick lunch before catching the train back home in the Lounge at Slanted Door in Ferry Plaza. Years ago, after hearing so many rave about Slanted Door in its original location on Valencia St, we went there and I was completely underwhelmed and didn't get all the hype.

                              Alas, we had a train to catch, and since Hog Island was packed [as usual?], an Imperial roll on the fly sounded immensely more tasty than a burger so... we fell into the trap once again. Had the Shrimp / Imperial Roll Noodle combo and the Daikon Rice Cakes [supposedly with shitake mushrooms and shallots, but none to be seen].

                              The Shrimp/roll/noodle dish tasted fine, though small portions for what we paid. Alas, I will never admit to anyone in my Chinese family that I essentially paid 10 bucks for mediocre law bahk go [pan fried turnip cake], which none of them would pay over 3 bucks for in any decent dim sum place. [don't know how Hounds weigh in on Tin's Tea House, but that's where we go b/c we live on this side of the Caldecott]. What bugs me is how so many places are taking very down home ethnic offerings - like dim sum - and calling them something else, with some fancy garnish, and then charging literally 3-4x as much. Crazy. Maybe I'm just terminally unhip.