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Aug 14, 2007 07:17 PM

desperately need restaurant for this saturday

I am having a 21st birthday get together for my best friend on Aug 18th for about 15 people. I had a reservations for the sugar bar, but did not realize that they were strictly 21 and older. The people in my party range in age from 18-25. I was ideally looking for a place where I could have dinner and then listen to some music. A few of my friends are coming in from out of town just for the night and I would like to have something that everyone can enjoy. I desperately need to find a place by Thursday. Any suggestions??

Also, has anyone ever been to Negril Village? Is this a nice place and do they card at the lounge entrance?


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  1. I suggest that you try websites such as Shecky's, Citysearch, and Digitalcity to look up places that will appeal to you and your group. Call them and ask about age policies. I believe that nearly all "nightclubs" will have a 21-or-older policy, but there must be some restaurants with an "entertainment factor" that do not. Good luck!

      1. re: rgfoodie

        Yeah, after I wrote Tao, I thought: not sure how that would work for 21 year olds... just thinking of a restaurant that turns into a lounge at night...

      2. Try: Peep, Highline, Tortilla Flats

        1. Gonzales e Gonzales could be fun. I went for a bachelorette party and had a blast. Those drinking can have the margaritas and after a certain time the tables in the back are cleared and a salsa band comes and everyone dances!