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Aug 14, 2007 06:46 PM

Authentic Chinese food/feel in Philly?

Having been to China last year and finally now going to a US city with a Chinatown, I was wondering if someone could help me with a recommendation for a Chinese rest.? I'm looking for a rest. that....

1) ...will run us (it's me and a buddy going up there b4 we head over to Atlantic City!) less that $20 per person.

2) ...local Chinese people go to eat.

3) ...if I order noodles, I can slurp them to my hearts content and never get a stare from other diners.

4) ...the words "General Cho's Chicken" do NOT appear on the menu!!

5) ...automatically brings hot tea to the table (just like in China!)

6) ...offers a close copy of food as prepared in China.

7) ...if I say "Nee-how" and "Shay-Shay" they'll be nice and say it back!

OK, I don't want much do I? Any thoughts?

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  1. there are several but one sure bet and pretty authentic is Four Rivers on Race St.

    1. Lakeside Chinese Deli on 9th St. Also the Noodle House on Race

      1. If you want a place favored by the local Chinese populace, try Sang Kee