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Aug 14, 2007 04:53 PM

How much chicken salad per person

I need help, I need to know how much chicken salad to prepare for 30 adults. This is not a main meal, it is a mid afternoon light buffet. Thanks for any suggestions. Jackfrost

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  1. I would estimate 4 oz per person , so about 7- 8 pounds. If that is one of the main items, go 10 pounds.

    1. The rule in our house is a third of a pound per person. This works well for all meat and poultry: deli, chicken cutlets, steak, whatever. So that would give you 10 pounds.

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        Agree, think that 7 lbs may not be enough..Always have more than you need, my absolute cooking motto

      2. what else is on the buffet? And who is your crowd?