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Aug 14, 2007 04:40 PM

Going to Osteria Mozza

I will be dining at Osteria Mozza tommorrow night and have been salivating over the menu for quite some time (and also Bill Buford's book "Heat).

From reading others' postings on the restaurant, it would appear that the standouts are the grilled octopus, burrata with guanciale and the fresh ricotta raviolo. I haven't seen enough reviews to decipher a MUST TRY from the secondi.

The grilled beef Tagliatta sounds great, anyone tried it? Also curious about the amatriciana?

Many posts seem to focus on "the service" but I am eager to hear more about the chow.


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  1. The orricheiette was not to be missed. The tagliatta was among the steaks I have had in LA (it's a hanger steak).

    1. Don't miss the pancetta wrapped figs. Seriously. So good. And my favorite dish of the evening was the Orchiette with Sausage and Swiss Chard. I loved the Amatriciana but the Orchiette was better.

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        Of the 4 entrees at our table, the Quail won out, bar none. It was perfection. We also had the Tagliatta, good, and the the lamb, VERY good. I wouldn't have ordered it, but won't go back without having it!

        1. re: kellydeez

          The quail was the big winner the night we went too.

          1. re: kellydeez

            Agree with the quail. The quail was excellent. I also enjoyed the crispy pigs trotter for the anitpasti.

        2. The tagliatta was amazing! Most definitely get the raviolo- my boyfriend says he is still having 'romantic feelings' about it! I also had the cacio e pepe pasta and it was only ok- I would try a different pasta next time. Also, as simple as it is, you will never go wrong with proscuitto and bufala mozzerella to start!

          1. Of the Secondi, definitely recommend the Guinea Fowl. I'm going again Friday night and I can't wait to try the things we couldn't fit in last time!

            1. Get the grilled beef tagliatta and the orchiette. Both very good.