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Aug 14, 2007 03:57 PM

The National - Hugh Acheson of 5&10

I was flipping through the flagpole's Guide to Athens yesterday and saw a listing in the restaurants section about The National, which is being started by chef hugh acheson of the cherished five and ten. anyone know anything? the entry says this:

236 W. Hancock Ave

The National is a culinary endeavor of Chef Hugh Acheson (Five & Ten). The food is Mediterranean in inspiration with special attention paid to southern French, Spanish, Greek and even some North African flavors. The classic tapa gambas al ajillo is made with shrimp, olives and sherry in a warm terra cotta dish with crusty bread for the sauce. A Turkish chopped salad with a yogurt sauce reflects the kitchen's diversity. The acute wine drinker will appreciate the extensive wine list and the cruvinet wine preservation system allowing high end bottle to be sold by the glass.

aaanyone know when this place opens? what about price level? on par with five and ten? I'm very excited to visit the National for the first time.

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    1. re: batdown

      I got nothin'. It's supposedly going to be in or part of Cine' (right?) but they haven't even sent out a press release. I'm eager to hear more...

      1. re: creativeusername

        i walked by today and looked in the window. i dont raelly think it's a part of cine per se, it has a separate entrace, but it is right next to it. the decor looked simple. dark wood chairs, white tablecloths, small dining room. there were a bunch of people filling out applications to serve i guess.

        1. re: batdown

          I hope the service is good. The last time I went there the girl at the door told me they gave our reservation to one of there regular customers and I could wait if I wanted too. Our dinner was good and I guess it helps them to make mone at the bar.

          1. re: dick.c.clark

            the last time you went there? are you talking about the national? I don't think it is open yet. ???

      2. re: batdown

        ok...since the good Chef's post was deleted I suspect as it could have appeared to be a plug for the's what you missed:

        Opens this week for lunch and dinner. Mediterranean focus. Wine, tapas, appetizers, entrees. Low key, casual and less $$$ than 5&10. Website will be up soon. Reservations accepted at 706.549.3450.

        woohoo! Thanks for the lead, batdown. I've got my party of 4 reserved for Sat night.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. The wife and I enjoyed a meal here on Friday. I was very excited because my wife is a vegetarian and there was a lot more for her than there is at 5 & 10.

            The meal was excellent and a good bit cheaper than a typical visit to 5 & 10. The food is a lot more rustic for the most part, so don't expect fancy plating. Although, I did get a scallop dish that was plated beautifully.

            We started with Marcona Almonds, then I had the previously mentioned scallop dish, and seafood fideos. The fideos were very good and it was filled with very tiny shrimp and some regular sized squid. My wife had the vegetable plate which she was absolutely in love with. She tends to order the vegetable plate any time we go to Farm 255, but she said this blew that completely out of the water.

            We finished the dinner with a cazuela w/ spice chocolate sauce and brandy soaked cherries. This was very good and very rich.

            I would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone on the fence about trying it. Our meal was about 80 dollars before tip, but we probably spent 30+ dollars on alcohol.

            The service was also quite good for a new restaurant.

            1. Very, very yummy. Have been three times now, for lunch, for dinner and for dessert.

              Pictures of lunch here:

              Dinner was excellent - the spinach salad was honestly the best salad I've ever had in my entire life, and I'm not a salad person. My friend had the shaved ham appetizer plate, which was fantastic. The pork melted in your mouth. The dessert I had that night was ice cream with sherry poured on top. I had no idea sherry and ice cream went together, but boy do they ever.

              Dessert the other night was pumpkin bread pudding and was perfect. Warm and soft without being overly mushy. And the bartender didn't bat an eye when I wanted a glass of milk with it.

              1. anyone eaten here lately? We've since moved away and were wondering how the food is now.

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                1. re: charlottecooks

                  It remains delicious. Occasionally, things need salt. Awesome pickled beets and turnips the other night.

                  1. re: charlottecooks

                    My new favorite thing is to get an order of the flatbread and hummus and take it into movies at Cine. Cine doesn't seem to mind (I checked with them the first time), especially since I usually buy wine at Cine to go with my snack.

                    Costs a little bit more than popcorn, but infinitely more rewarding.