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Aug 14, 2007 03:47 PM

Can't get into Babbo, what else is hot nearby?

We may try to walk into Babbo tomorrow (they say they keep 6 tables open for walk-ups) but if we strike out, what is hot and interesting in the area. Kills me to ask as I used to live not 3 blocks aways, but that was before Mario Batali opend Po.

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  1. blue hill is one block south.

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      Rather than going through all the hassle of trying to outfox the reservationist, if you can't get one of the walk-in seats, Blue Hill is hardly a bad choice for dinner.

    2. If you don't mind paying a couple bucks for your reservation you can still go to Babbo - check out TableXchange

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        It's probably safer to secure a reservation on your own or do a walk-in. I've heard of some restaurants revoking your reservation if they get wind that it's through a service like this. I don't know if Babbo is like that though!

        Bellavitae is nearby on 6th Ave. and Minetta.

      2. Get there early before it opens to get those seats. I think its worth it though. I really enjoyed my meal there. Good luck.

        1. I've had good success (and amazing meals!) by getting to Babbo by 5 or 5:15pm. Eating at the bar is also very civilized, especially if you get the two seats at the end of the bar (with your backs to the door). My husband and I ate there on Monday at the bar, and enjoyed exemplary service from the barman. The full menu is available there, including the tasting menus.

          1. You're not far from (less hot, but no less delicious) Batali outpost Lupa, on Thompson. Same thing with walk-ins, but the bar scene is fun. Otto is also close, but a sight more casual.