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Saigon Grill - 88th Street

Any news?? We're getting desperate.

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  1. Folks - pardon the interruption. We've removed a lot of non-chow discussion about labor relation issues. Feel free to post any concrete information you may have about when this Saigon Grill location may reopen.

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      Saigon Grill 88 is open for walk in business. The problem is that they are not doing delivery orders because of labor problems.

      1. re: RichardW

        The renovations are done and everything??

        1. re: Jel212

          There may be some confusion between east & west side Saigon Grill here.

          1. re: viva_zapata

            I'm thinking of the one at 88th(?) and 2nd Avenue

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              East is definetely not open. I went there based on RichardW's comment about Saigon 88 and found the same situation I've seen for the past 6 months. Instead went to the new Wondee Siam3 on 3rd and 81 and it was delicous. Had the calamari, summer roll, Green curry w/chicken and pad see ew w/beef. All was wonderful, very grateful to have a thai close by, even if their takeout menu says they only deliver as far north as one block below where I live...

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                I made a mistake when I wrote that note. I was at the West Side Saigon Grill which is around 90th & Amsterdam.

    2. I called a few months ago, this place has been closed for renovations for what feels like two years....no reasonable answer whatsoever. I miss my Green Papaya Salad !!

      1. I asked the owner at the West Side location the other day and he said it's never reopening. I was crushed.

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          i like the saigon grill on university,,, the pork chops are good

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            I'm surprised you were still holding out hope.


          2. I now use Spice Noodle 1744 first Ave.
            There is a mix of foods including a few indonesian and chinese dishes, but good sub for Siagon delivery.