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Aug 14, 2007 02:59 PM

Anyone been to Kopitiam?

Kopitiam is located on Lafayatte, a very unusual place for Singaporean style eating establishment. The problem is that they only open for lunch. Can anyone tell me if Kopitiam is any good? What to order?......

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    Kopitiam Restaurant
    3647 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

    1. I've been twice for lunch and would recommend it. As reported in an earlier post, the specialty is Hainanese Chicken with Rice. It comes with a chili sauce and a garlic sauce. Besides that we have enjoyed the following:

      - Roti Prata (2 pancakes per order) comes with a curry gravy (not spicy). The Roti is partly crispy on the outside, a little soft on the inside. The first time we had it, it was perfectly cooked. Today it tasted just a bit undercooked.
      - Mee Goreng, a stir fried egg noodle dish was excellent.
      -Char Kway Teow, which is like dry fried chow fun. We thought the flavors were not as special as the Mee Goreng.
      - Por Por's Fried Rice, translated as Grandma's fried rice. This was quite flavorful, especially with bits of lop chang (chinese sausage).
      - Jade Forest - This consists of yu tsai (yu choy) that has been blanched and served in a special soy and vegetarian oyster flavored sauce, topped with toasted minced garlic. I particularly liked this dish as it was not heavy.

      Many of the dishes can be made vegetarian only. The chef is part owner with the host, both of whom are Singaporean Chinese. They just started a Dinner to Go promotion, but you have to pick the meal up by 6:30pm. Here are the choices: Chicken Rice ($9.95), BBQ Pork Rice ($8.95), Sayur Lodeh (a classic vegetarian curry) ($8.95), Mee Goreng, Char Kway Teow, Curry Chicken Mee (egg noodles in coconut curry gravy), Kari Kay (Nanyang Curry Chicken, a bit spicy, served with bread or rice) the last dishes all priced at $9.95.

      The flavors are pretty authentic, though part of the fun and flavor of eating Singaporean comes from the noisy hawker stall surroundings. Nonetheless, it brings back good memories and these folks are very friendly and eager to please. The menu is not extensive, so everything comes out pretty quickly. There are some interesting breakfast items too, and of course Kopi (their house blended coffee).

      They are also willing to personalize menus for private functions at dinner or offsite catering.

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        Thanks so much! Appreciate your time. I would like to make it there soon.
        So difficult to find decent Singpaorean and Malaysian food palces. Been a fan of Chinken Rice.

      2. The Chicken Rice is very good. Chicken is tender and moist. I like the bite size pieces. I am quite adverse to white meat. I think I was given dark meat very close to the drumstick. Rice is just nice, not too oily. First rate chilli sauce and puree ginger. Very pleasent. Mine was to go and they drizzled black soy sauce on the rice but the effect was lost. I wish I could dip my chicken on some. Rekindled my appetite for Chicken rice, bravo Kopitiam!